Quick Impressions.


I finished second in our first DC Legends draft, getting owned by Deathstroke and Wonder Woman in the final.  I built a JLA mono deck that ran Psycho-Pirate on four with a team-up for some Secret Society goodness.  Ollie on three is wicked fun, my little guys stunned a lot of their big ones.

Then I traded for the two cards you see.  Zazz is absolutely magnificent for the art, and totally meh for the ability.  Tattooed Man, Art Imitates Life is simply nuts.  A Clash of Worlds will allow us to play six of our favorite one-drops on turn three!  What would you do in that situation?  I can barely contain my brain when I start thinking about it.



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3 responses to “Quick Impressions.

  1. I’ve seen no cards other than the previews yet. I always avoid the spoilers that people post until I get to crack my own packs, which I will be doing tomorrow night – three boxes worth! Woo Hoo

  2. jetman07

    I have to admit I am jealous. I can’t wait for my boxes to arrive.

    I need to find a hobby league somewhere around here like yours.

  3. Dude – the art on Tatooed is blowing my mind. I love it.

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