Thursday Thirteen: A Trip to Whoville.


(Cindy glowing, by McFarlane Toys)  

I was surfing around for inspiration this morning when I stumbled upon this:

If you love Cindy Lou Who as much as I do, click around in that link and discover what your name would be if you moved next door to her in Whoville.  I translated thirteen people just for fun.  

1. Romantic Rian Fimaru-Who 

That’s me, and the romantic part is dead on accurate.  I also love the fact that “Fimaru” can mean anything I want it to.  I always try to change my definition every day. 

2. Nurse Nina Wattle-poo-Who 

Nina was a Webb before we married, and she has been healing me ever since.  No matter what brings me down and darkens my mood, she is always there to squeeze it out of me with a kiss or a long talk or whatever it takes.  Even when we need to wattle-poo for the full hermetic effect. 

3. Magnificent Mark Funny-goo-Who 

That’s Mark Fidrych, my favorite sports hero.  He was wacky and wonderful and really good for a short while.  Phenomenal talent with a bizarre personality that made the entire baseball world smile for an entire season. 

4. Aggie Alanis Misty-blue-Who 

I actually resisted Alanis Morrisette when she was popular.  Now I respect her as much as any performer ever, especially after seeing the DVD edition of Feast on Scraps.  Highly recommended, the girl is a beast. 

5. Traveling Tom Ripple-blue-Who 

Tom Robbins is the best writer of our generation, in my humble opinion.  I will always marvel at the way he crams four hundred pounds of truth into a simple sentence that causes a laugh and a crap of the pants, out loud. 

6. Zippy Zazzala Quizzle-moo-Who 

Zazzalla Queen Bee may be a fictional comic book character, and her new card may not be very good, but her honey heats the War Paint.  It may never come off the kitchen table. 

7. Paparazzi Pete Sappy-glue-Who 

Pete Swanson is such a random pick.  He was a kitchen manager when Nina and I were cooking at Rainforest Cafe.  He was younger than both of us.  He made the most disgusting and rude remarks as he walked past, but he made them with love and we always laughed our way through the busy shifts.  I wish all bosses could be that cool. 

8. Suave Sister Alice Joseph Misty-blue-Who 

Sister Alice Joseph Moore was a tiny elderly nun that taught some of my Education classes at Barry University.  She looked exactly like Pope John Paul II, but wearing a habit.  She only scolded you if she saw promise, if you were a loser… she would never say a word. 

9. Barkeep Bradley Nitty-noo-Who 

Bradley Nowell was a musical genius, leaving behind perhaps the best hybrid music ever recorded.  Listen to some Sublime today.  You’ll be glad you did. 

10. Gargling Gloria Ewe-Who 

Another great boss, my life is freaking blessed!  Gloria Evans was the best principal I ever had in my 25 year career.  I would walk through an office full of quizzical looks and hear her say: “He’s an art teacher, they are all like that.  Just leave him alone, he will be fine.” 

11. Fancy Friedrich Nimmy-Nammy-Noo-Who 

Friedrich Nietzsche was a monster.  The kind of monster who affects millions of free spirits with his soul.  The kind of monster we need more of.  Check out the film “When Nietzche Wept” for a modern introduction. 

12. Kettledrum Kate Wambam-foo-Who 

Kate Winslet is the bomb.  Thick and luscious and really smart about the roles she picks.  They used to call her “Combat Kate” because she wore army boots and rolled her own cigarettes.  So. Damn. Gorgeous. 

13. Sergeant Steve Bippity-boo-Who 

Stephen Bauman is the best artist I have ever had the pleasure to teach. He may be the best artist I have ever known.  He is so good that he has a collector who buys everything he paints, and sends him all over the world for inspiration.  Steve came to our school addicted to writing on trains and getting arrested for vandalizing property with spray cans.  I argued with him for four years, telling him that graffiti is just like dog piss on a street corner.  Eventually he got it.  He has moved from jail cells in downtown Miami to the Florence Academy of Art.  I will post one of his recent paintings under this thread in the Forty Fifth Question of the Day.  Good times.

And that’s the last Thursday Thirteen before Christmas!  Make your own list and link it to:

Happy Holidays, to one and all.


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56 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: A Trip to Whoville.

  1. Considering I worked at Universal Studios, I should know more about Whoville… I tried to figure out the name thing but didn’t find City Hall. Oh well…

    Happy TT-13, Merry Christmas, AND Happy Holidays!


  2. This is cool. In Whoville I am Painter Pjazzy Ripple-blue-Who. Happy TT.

  3. This is incredibly awesome!! Thanks — my kids will love it!

  4. Holly, you have to grab that big ring thing and drag it over to the left. Good luck!

  5. jetman07

    Pretty neat. I am Jockey Joshua Tappy-two-Who.

    Happy Holidays.

  6. Sorry to say I don’t know anything about Whoville. Have a great TT. 🙂

  7. My name is:

    Army Alec Nasty-doo-Who

    It knows I love Army Cards!

  8. I must have missed out! I don’t know what Whoville is but it seems fun!

  9. Gardener great lizziloo who that’s me. What a great TT! You get my vote! I am saving this for the grandchildren. Happy Christmas!

  10. My TT is up now, and is a review of albums I bought that were released this year:

  11. Thats so cute:) Great idea. Happy TT.

  12. That’s a hoot. Thanks! Or should I say Whot?

  13. I love what you did here. Ingenious!

  14. Oh, are those funny! I love it!

    Happy TT!

  15. Brings back memories! 🙂 Happy TT! 🙂

    My Thursday Thirteen #5

  16. So fun –have a safe and Merry Christmas

  17. What a fun list! Happy TT.

  18. I am Dithering Dane Ballyhoo-Who. What a neat idea. My Thursday Thirteen #61 13 Christmas Songs I Love/Hate” is up. Stop by if you get a chance. (I got my laser eyes too!)

  19. I actually stopped by because my son’s name is spelled like yours (Rian — pronounced like Ryan) and it is fairly uncommon. I spotted it in a Celtic book and liked it. I was just wondering if there was a history behind your name??
    Cute TT, BTW!!

  20. I am so out of touch, I don’t even know what Whoville is!

    The Pink Flamingo

  21. infinitygoods

    Nice humor.

  22. Paparazzi Penelope Anne Ballyhoo-Who
    at your service today.
    What a wonderful post for this week, I am a Whoville fan, I even own Whoville-opoly, reminds me I want to play that with the kids.
    Rian I am going to be adding you to my blogroll at the Universe. I love your T13 posts and need to pop in more often.

  23. Rian I linked to you in my post today just a heads up 🙂

  24. geekbetty

    I’m: Berrypicker Betty Woozle-woo-Who

  25. I’ve always thought it would be great fun to visit Whoville.

  26. Chef cindy Dapper-doo-Who here….love the list, and the blog. Great stuff! I love your quote on my blog “spreading digital cheer like a Holiday hurricane…” *chuckle*

  27. This is great, I love it!!

    Karmic Kelly Olophoo-Who

  28. marnini

    I was Magnificent Maribeth Boo Hoo
    So Fun,
    Thanks, Maribeth

  29. What fun! I’m Journalist Joely Sue Ballyhoo-Who!

  30. My who name is Jumpy Jennifer Misty-blue-Who.

  31. That’s pretty cute… I’m Suave Smiler Sassy-snew-Who. Thanks for the fun link, happy TT!

  32. That was a really fun TT! My Who name is Astronomer Amy Pointy-snew-Who. I might start filling in forms with that name 🙂

  33. Ahahahah! You’ve populated Whoville! How wonderful! Thank you for sharing it!

    Happy TT!

  34. maryt

    Gotta go check my name in Whoville! Great post! Happy Holidays!

    Come visit my other blog for Christmas hugs:

  35. How absolutely adorable! I need to go who myself!

  36. I’ve never been to Whoville…mahalo for the introduction! Happy Holidays!

  37. Who knew? Okay, sorry that was bad, but the list is good!

    Happy Christmas!!!!


  38. i love Cindy Lou Who. I also think Kate Winslet is awesome. Great TT!

  39. How great. My kids will love doing this. Thanks!

  40. Very cool! My Who name is Zookeeper zen Marziboo-Who and i love Tom Robbins!

  41. That was super cute!

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  42. Oooh…neat.

    I am:

    Youthful YummY! Dibble-moo-Who

  43. LOL… that’s quite the list.

    Happy T13 and Merry Christmas or whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year.

    Alice – I Was Born2Cree8

  44. Haha, these are just too funny!

    I am Mellifluous Meow Happy-snew-Who

  45. Your list is very funny ! I like it. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy T13

  46. Great fun! My Who name is Peddler Patti Woozle-woo-Who! Merry Christmas!

  47. lol what a sense of humor! Love it!

  48. Hi, cool list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  49. That was a fun post!

    Dithering Danielle Bippity-boo-Who is my who name. I love Dr. Suess 🙂

    And Sublime is possibly one of the best bands ever!

  50. haleyo

    Hee! This is so much fun! I’m Heckling Haley Oddlemeyer-sue-Who. LOVE THAT!

  51. Luminescent Laura Bippity-boo-Who. I could handle Bippity-boo. I think Luminescent would be a pain to spell out for everyone each time.

  52. * chuckle * Sounds like you had fun with this. 🙂

    Mine was about the solstice, this week.

  53. JHS


    Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back on Monday for the Carnival of Family Life. We have a LOT of entries and it is going to be fabulous!

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