Last Day of School + Winter Solstice = Pandemonium.


(Maddie Magick, by Greg Land, from Upper Deck’s Vs. System, the best trading card game in the history of mankind.)

Dear Friends, it is here.  Holiday break!  Nina and I will be channeling the spirit of Madelyn Pryor, immersing ourselves in the transformative fire of our love, until we surface again on December 25th for the family gifting ritual.  All the clocks in the house will be turned off.  Most of the party will not be able to be translated into human language, but I will leave you with a tiny taste of what we will be doing, in music.  This is a little bit of what it sounds like when we get off metaeuphorically and reconnect to the source of all things holy.

I should be able to resume the blog in a few days, but you never know what form I will be taking after she gets done with me.  See you then, have a spectacular solstice.


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3 responses to “Last Day of School + Winter Solstice = Pandemonium.

  1. Here’s my equation: New Baby + DCL + X-mas + two weeks off = PERFECT! 🙂

    Have a good one Stu! My best to you and your fam.

  2. haleyo

    Rian, is this your art? Shroom Monkey uses it on her blog, right? LOVE it….

  3. Haley-O, the painting of Madelyn Pryor is by Greg Land. I can’t find the shroom monkey blog… link?

    Glad you like it, I got to write the background myth here:

    Maddie’s story is amazing stuff.

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