Forty Sixth Question of the Day.


(Awesome 80’s holiday cheer found at

What did the superheroes bring you this year?


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11 responses to “Forty Sixth Question of the Day.

  1. Nina Santa, my favorite super hero, brought me 12 Sea Creatures and a playset of Strategic Thinking.


  2. jetman07

    Thats awesome. Lets see I got some DC Legends boxes, Rock Band(check my blog for pics), and some other goodies.

  3. Some fun CD’s, a lot of candy, a Marvel calendar, a DVD of Rap’s Hawaii (Rap Reiplinger is awesome) and a history of my namesake (Pi). I also got a Zombie Colonel America and some DCL packs, on my way to making a Beast Boy Legend Deck.

  4. jetman07

    Those are some great pics. Unfortunately I only had a two man band with me playing either the drums or guitar and my brother singing. That game is so much fun.

  5. Your photos were great too!

    My sister is the one singing, my son in the white shirt with the guitar. My nephew on drums and niece on bass. It was a blast.

  6. I got the cards from a VS-trade with an American guy on Christmas Eve, absolutely perfect timing. I’m expecting the first two Doom Patrol archives through the post soon, as they got ordered a bit too late unfortunately.

  7. i got nothing ^_^

    we’re still waiting for Galactus here, hehehe.

  8. Almost forgot, I also have tickets to go and see Sparks performing ‘Propaganda’ and ‘Indiscreet’ in May. 😀

  9. gdaybloke

    Tabula Rasa for the PC, Spidey 3 for the DVD player, Squad Commander for my DS, a Wroughthammer Rockram for the tabletop minis, and a wonderful time playing with my kids.

    Now it remains to be seen what I get for my birthday on Thursday…

  10. Hi Rian,

    Great Blog. I’m going to add you to my blog roll 🙂

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