Forty Seventh Question of the Day.


(Best Prank of the Year.)

As the year winds down, we start to reflect.  Here are a handful of mine:

Best Sports Moment:
Tomas Vokoun traded to the Florida Panthers. We have not had such a true leader in Miami since Pudge.
Best Movie Moment:
Yet to come. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army began filming and previews in 2007.
Best Material Moment:
I qualified for a real BMW lease and drove away with a yellow and black Mini Cooper showing 4 miles on the odometer.
Best Personal Moment:
My youngest child graduated high school.  Major milestone for the win.
Best Vs. System moment:
The Mulletman returned to the spotlight, and found a format that made him Tier One again.

What made the cut for your Best of 2007?


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2 responses to “Forty Seventh Question of the Day.

  1. Um, out of those, I’ll pick “Best Personal Moment” and in a similar pick to yours, I graduated from high school. So, yeah.

    I think my greatest moment though, out of everything that happened to me, was going to Thanksgiving at my grandmother and grandfather’s house. See, I go to college on the East Coast, but live on the West Coast, so I couldn’t really go home as I didn’t want to spend two days traveling and one day recuperating, so I went to my grandparents’ place in Maryland, where I got together with a lot of my family and was able to see my grandmother and have laughs and be with her and see her smile, before she passed away the Monday after Thanksgiving. Seeing her happy and being able to spend time with her and telling her I loved her before she passed was the greatest part of my 2007. She was very sick, so it was not unexpected, and it allowed me to spend my Thanksgiving the best way possible, with family.

  2. Wonderful moment, Pi. You are a very lucky man indeed. It’s great to see people of your generation who can appreciate the things that are really important. You give me hope for the future.

    Happy New Year!

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