Thursday Thirteen: The Modern Myths of Comic Books.


This week’s Thursday Thirteen is especially dear to me, since I have the honor of writing weekly articles about humanity’s modern myths.  Yes, I am talking about comic book superheroes and villains.  When I took a stroll through this past year’s archives, I only got as far back as May before I had 13 favorites.  I absolutely love my job.  I also adore the fact that I figured out how to make proper links so you can click on the name of the character for the full story.  Good times ahead in 2008, click away!

1. Madelyne Pryor.  The girl is red hot, in more ways than one.

2. Shuma-Gorath and Dormammu.  Two all-time favorite bad guys, one with giant tentacles.

3. Mad Hatter.  Did you know that the term “mad as a hatter” came from historical mercury poisoning?

4. Poison Ivy.  Her college professor seduced her and used her for his experiments.

5. Kim Hoshi as Dr. Light.  We should all be so shiny.  She is really good in the game, fueling the best team attack tricks since Teen Titans.

6. Ghost Rider.  My head was burning at the time, I actually wrote the article on my phone by the pool.

7. Domino.  Another experiment gone bad, but she gets lucky.  High contrast beauty to the extreme.

8. Cable.  Since he bodyslides in and out of time, he has more different outfits than anyone in comics.  Maddie is his mom and tried to kill him to take over the world.

9. Indigo.  This one was totally new to me, and I totally fell in love.  She is dying in the pic at the top of this list.

10. Slapstick.  The article is all about comic book clowns, and this guy had his molecules spread out over 3,714 dimensions before he became a cartoon.

11. Destroyer.  A metal suit of armor that houses the souls of the gods.  Cool as hell.

12. Lana Lang.  I knew her from Smallville, but she can turn into any kind of insect with her magic ring?

13. Sea Creatures.  They don’t follow Aquaman because it is their duty, they do it for love.

I could write three pages about each one, but I already did!  Enjoy the links and their rich modern mythology.  Then write your own Thursday Thirteen and link it here.  Have a deeply satisfying 2008. I know I will, with the help of the comic books and Vs. System.



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19 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: The Modern Myths of Comic Books.

  1. Wow. I love your list! I am not very knowledgable about this, by my kiddo loves stuff like this and I am sure to show him your site. and Lana Lang, I had No Idea!

  2. Deb

    Nice 13! Come check out my delicious post! Sorry if you are on a diet for 08 but I couldn’t resist this Thirteen post!

  3. Oh, dear, I don’t know very much about comic book heroes, or myths. However, I am a teacher (third grade) so it’s very nice to meet you!

  4. Ah, Slapstick. One of my favorite obscure characters who is getting more recognition recently. Have you been reading Avengers: The Initiative, Stu? He is one of the main characters in it (amongst many main characters). He is still Slapstick and crazy.

  5. Nice list, thanks for the comment. I had no idea about Lana.

  6. Awesome list. I went shopping at a Comic Book shop for my sons for Christmas and was seriously overwhelmed…it had been ages for me, and these aren’t the same comic books of my childhood. We got ZBear a collection called The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, in hardcover 7 comics in one…he loved it! We thought about getting the Army of Darkness too.
    My T13 is 2008 goals this week.

  7. Very neat post – thanks for visiting my TT as well! I’m going to share your site with a friend of mine who I think will absolutely love it – and I’ll be back to visit again, as well!!!! 🙂

  8. Why can’t I be this clever?
    I like Indigo too.
    Thanks for stopping by my site.

  9. Rian, thanks for stopping by my blog! Very impressive TT.

  10. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog!! I’m not much of a comic book fan, so don’t know much of anything about the entire list, but it was interesting anyway!!

  11. Is it bad that I don’t know who most these people are?

  12. PS. Just don’t let slip where you got the “Q’s” from and I can be your Q connection. -grin-

  13. Hi! Great post.
    I will share this to my friend’s daughter who just loves comics!

  14. marnini

    We bought our son the Marvel Comic Book Encyclopedia for Christmas and he is loving it.
    I love Ghost Rider and it sounds like you have a super cool job.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Hi Rian – Interesting – Mad as a hatter and mercury poisoning. It has been long ago since my passion for comics began, and now I have older children who wont destroy, this inspires me to get back into reading! Look forward to learning more.

    Thanks for coming by too! Yes yes my fuzzy poet is a brat! Purrs and Peace

  16. Hey, interesting info, I plan on forward this on to a couple guy’s. I’ll be back to check out what you have next week.

    And thanks for coming by earlier…

  17. Thank you for stopping by my 13. I love this list. I love comic books!

  18. Oh. I just love Diana Prince. I haven’t found anyone to replace the original Diana Prince – and Steve Trevor of course. Damn, he was hot. I didn’t TT last week but will this week.

  19. Claudia, you would really dig the game right now. Wonder Woman is one of the featured Legends in the new set and she is amazing.

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