Another Freakish Miami Night: It Rained Iguanas.

This iguana lies belly up Thursday under a buttonwood tree in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. The extreme cold weather in South Florida had an effect on most of the cold-blooded reptiles living at the park, some came back to life as the sun warmed. Others weren’t so lucky.

Wednesday night’s bitter cold came like a giant Sominex for the tree-dwelling iguanas of South Florida.  When the temperature falls below a certain level, the large green lizards drop out of the trees and litter the ground.

They aren’t dead. At least a lot of them aren’t. It is as if they are in suspended animation, said Robert Yero, park manager at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne.  It was raining iguanas at Bill Baggs Thursday morning. There were a couple underneath buttonwood trees and a third beneath a sea grape. All were about 30 yards from the beach, in the coastal hammock.

”We have found dozens on the bike path after a major cold snap,” said Yero. “When they warm up in the sun, they come back to life.”  Yero isn’t too fond of the comatose critters. They are exotics from Central and South America, brought in as pets and then released to the wilds by their owners when they got too big for the house.

They munch on the foliage, literally nipping in the bud efforts to revive native vegetation.

”They really are taking over,” Yero said.


Hello everyone who hit this link from boingboing or neatorama.  That is the story from the Miami Herald, and I am Rian Fike.  You are welcome to wallow around my blog for a while since you are already here.  I’ll just lie back stunned like a frozen iguana.  Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Another Freakish Miami Night: It Rained Iguanas.

  1. Wild weather does crazy things, but this one was a new one by me.
    Rian it took me awhile but you are now added to the Docking Port blogroll at the Cafe as of now.

  2. Thank you ma’am. I really appreciate that. I will reciprocate in the morning, it’s time to sleep like an iguana.

  3. Leonora

    We have a grandfather iguana that has been around our property for years. When I went to feed the ducks and fish this cold morning I found him lying in front of the pond. I thought he was dead and I called the wildlife sanctuary and they told me to get a towel put it in the dryer and cover him with it which we are doing. I hope he makes it.

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