Fish Story.


(1977 cards of some sort.  Click here for more info.)

I actually got my latest cardboard obsession to work last night.  Hobby League in Miami returned from the holidays with ten solid competitors, and my buddies let me use my Golden Legend deck to wreck.  First match I faced a Flash build running XS, and found myself on turn four with only two Seahorses to recruit… but they each got three counters and an Nth Metal!  Add a sweet green Mojoverse and my little ponies provided the big beats right off the bat.  Then round two they took on Oracle, Batman, Superman, and Two-Face.  Concealed?  You cannot hide from the smell of seafood.  This fish loves to swing to the face for 36.  I had him down to 7 on turn four, and he recovered to survive until six.  Fabulous match, he would have still won if he had one more pump.  Third time was not a charm.  Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey and Wolverine screamed “X-Men Assemble!” and got all swollen real fast.  Our underwater manes went up in flames.  I am adding the six-drop AoA Rogue for next week.

DISCLAIMER: If you are here on the blog from somewhere else, you will need to read that as a cut-and-paste poem or an inkblot or something.  The game is funky like that, with its strange combination of well-known characters and geeky gamer lingo.  Natch.



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3 responses to “Fish Story.

  1. As one obsessed with L5R, back in the day, before the Lions were corrupt and the bloodspeakers were two dudes, I have to say I’ve always been interested inVs. but I’m afraid of it sucking all of my spare time. So instead I just veg and play Magic, on the ocassion. Simple, fun, not a lot of thought required, and fast to build decks for.

  2. Very cool, and a very accurate analysis. Vs. System is not as simple for sure. Great deal of thought required, and a time-sucking demon. We love it.

  3. That is how L5R was for me. I would spend weeks building a deck and honing it until it was just right. Vs. seems a lot like it.

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