Best. Week. Ever.


(click on the boing for better resolution)

Wow, what a whirlwind.  Thanks to those luscious frozen lizards, we got cited on BOTH and  (Only the two coolest sites a computer can visit.)  And then there was the Vaughn Bode thing, which now includes a wonderful email from his son Mark.  I may never recover.  Thanks to everyone for the good vibes.  This baby is humming.

See you next week.


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6 responses to “Best. Week. Ever.

  1. Don’t forget your English Pony 😉

    It’s been a good week for a lot of people I know actually. Maybe there’s just a positive vibe in the air with the New Year?

    Here’s hoping it can be a good 52 weeks.

  2. hehe…

    Nina was watching me count the votes for Stu-vivor and she saw the PM that said “English Ponies”. She is still laughing.

    What. A. Week.

  3. jetman07

    What a week indeed. I was in a article on the mothership. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  4. Im back!

    So, your getting more and more famous aren’t you then?

    Good for you!

  5. Yup. In fact, I have also gotten a few hundred hits from this:

    And we missed you bad. It was like being in limbo. Lord, it was tough.

  6. I would try to make a pun about a fullbodytransplant. But it could get weird.

    I missed blogging, and checking up on the hilarity that is this blog.


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