Forty Ninth Question of the Day.


(Nina’s painting called “Talking To Trees”.)

This question is sort of the essence of the Full Body Transplant experience.  Art is often seen as a way of expressing yourself.  If that “expressing” is defined as “squeezing something out”, then we have a mystery.

What is the self that is expressed through art?



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2 responses to “Forty Ninth Question of the Day.

  1. daemyann

    You have a talented wife, although I’m sure you don’t need to hear it from me.

    If the self displayed in art is “squeezed out”, I would consider it to be a little false.

    But that begs the question (in a literal sense) of whether or not expression is accurate representation… or ideal projection?

    …to which the answer is probably both.

    I think limiting the expression taking place in art to self expression is inaccurate… incomplete.

  2. I would say this. Every work of art demands a set of decisions. Whatever decisions the artist makes, the self is expressed in the process.

    Of course, the “self portrait” multiplies the equation exponentially.

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