Weekend in Heaven: Fantasy Cards.


Sweet.  I just downloaded a great little toy called Magic Set Editor, thanks to Doc Jones and his call for a Realms set.  The program is keen fun, I hope I can stop playing with it long enough to get my next article finished.  That pic is the first version of a cardboard encapsulation of my true self.  I welcome any suggestions for future expansion. 


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7 responses to “Weekend in Heaven: Fantasy Cards.

  1. I’ve been addicted to Magic Set Editor over the weekend as well. It finally gave me the nudge I needed to try and make a Resident Evil set, and now I just have to resist the urge to go for the big one and make a Transformers set. 😀

  2. I am doing Power Puff girls first…

  3. …I would pay good money for a printed set of classic Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon cartoon cards. Pitting ‘Ahh! Real Monsters!’ versus ‘Dexter’s Lab’ would be worth the asking price alone.

  4. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

    Then we could have an Eris card with a Discordian team affiliation!

  5. kaleeshwarrior

    Woo! Another Grim Adventures fan! I’d also love to see an “unintentional” synergy between a Cheese and Fred Fredburger set of cards…

    Personally, I love Magic Set Editor. Made a few Star Wars cards awhile back. Luke, Vader, and Boba Fett legends. Lots of fun, the MSE is…

  6. Hilarious Stu, I’ve been working non stop on that accursed editor… i had a life once… i swear, really, i did.

  7. By the way…

    Great work on the hilariously flavorful effect. (gee i never saw an army support card coming!)

    The set editor does have side effects i’m afraid.

    I swear, i had a life once, Really! honest!

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