Fiftieth Question of the Day.


(Wicked cover by Simon Bisley)

Happy MLK Day everybody, I get to stay home from work!  I need to finish my latest article before Nina wakes up.  It’s all about Doom Patrol.  They are cuh-razy.  Bonkers.  Messy nuts.  I love them more with each new part of their myth I study, they remind me so much of my surrealist dada days.  My life often gets THAT bizarre.

How bizarre is yours?



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4 responses to “Fiftieth Question of the Day.

  1. my life is boring right now, with the same things happening week in and week out, hehehe. it feels bizarre in a… bizarre kind of way. are you getting my drift? ^_^

  2. Absolutely. Sometimes the strangest part is the way things that happen over and over and over…

  3. my life is so bizarre that sometimes i am driving down the street, in my “Yuri,” the Eurovan, and my heart jumps to my throat as I look in my rear view window and realize the 3 kids in the backseat, ages 6 1/2 yrs, almost 2 yrs, and almost 1 yr are MINE. I. Am. the. Mom. ?????????? THAT, is bizarre.

  4. Enjoyed your Doom Patrol article. I have been an enormous fan of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, so seeing the team at all has been a godsend to me.

    It’s interesting to me, as has been pointed out by others, how similar the Doom Patrol originally were to the X-Men, and what radically different paths the two took after their first incarnation.

    Anyway. I enjoy the articles. Keep ’em up.

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