Weekend in Heaven: The Coolerator.



Yep, you are not getting much out of me today.  We are chilling like a rabbit in a refrigerator.  With twelve bags of carrots.


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2 responses to “Weekend in Heaven: The Coolerator.

  1. gdaybloke


  2. txc08

    Lol, I’m likin’ the rabbit 😀

    Just to let you know Stu, the DCR cards arrived to coincide with the end of my exams 😀 Mega-thanks 🙂

    In your honour, and because I’ve been meaning to for a while, I’ve restarted my blog and added 1100 new words, with plans to add many more 😛

    Have fun chillaxing (if they can use it in Silver Surfer’s flavour text, it’s good enough for me),
    ~ txc08

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