Fifty Second Question of the Day: The Random Combination Generation.


(That was the random freakiness of the WordPress front page yesterday.)

In the olden days we had to cut and paste from paper magazines to get such profound poetry.  Now we know what happens when you combine Richard Nixon with dog-chewed Super Bowl tickets floating in a Peach Flambe doused with Ginger Punch, for free!  That graphic shows the serendipity sauce we had smeared all over the lips of this blog when the NHL All Star post went nuclear.

What kind of random combinations have been floating your boat lately?



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5 responses to “Fifty Second Question of the Day: The Random Combination Generation.

  1. Some of us still use the old paper & paste… We just call it altered art now :p

  2. Was tinkin’ of this yesterday, the randomness of attraction/repulsion – how our eyes respond quicker than our ears …

    When it all gets to be TOOOOOO much, ie. polluting, just head for the hills … and/or TURN ‘IT’ OFF. That maddening Medusa Media.

    Randomness has quite a different zig-zag effect when you diminish the truly extraneous options and increase the familiarity … meaning, rather than potentially panicky ‘angst’ it can incubate a kind of tolerant and sympathetic ‘tenderness’.

    Medusa is TRYING to take over your brain. Remember that when fiddling with the knobs. Remember too that it is ONLY ‘business as usual’ for media conglomerates shilling, selling, pitching and posing perfect for your moola.

    It’s that simple. ‘Business as usual’.

  3. It may be business as usual, but that is the best freaking comment I have ever seen on the interwebs so it must be some kind of delicious-looking juicy electronic nightcrawler wriggling away on a hook.

    Now if I can just figure out how to land the thing.

  4. silly goose – we is all jumpin’ and jivin’ – tryin’ to figure out how to LAND the thing …

  5. It’s a whopper, whatever the hell it is. Problem is… it might eat us all when it gets in the boat.

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