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Happy Friday, to Angel and Human alike.



So yesterday our spaghetti straps of love got swollen enough to fly this blog straight to the heart of the sun.  We were featured on and held the top Religion post on WordPress all afternoon.  Our feet won’t be feeling the ground for a few more days.  A huge sincere Thank You goes out to all those who send good vibrations our way, we could not have done it without you.  Now we have some celebrating to do.  And we have a four day weekend to frame it in.  Every day, in every way, better and better.  Happy Friday!


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Thursday Thirteen: Protected By Angels?


(Space Bears by Juvaun Kirby, from Upper Deck’s Vs. System) 

I swear there are forces outside me that are guiding my shoes to step in EXACTLY the right piles.  And then I figure that my self is probably big enough to absorb everything outside of me anyway.  So I scamper off in my mind and discover a whole new corner.  I absolutely adore new explanations of life and how to live it.  Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said “Protected by Angels”.  I know the feeling.  Today, again on the way to work, the exact same car was stopped in front of me at a red light.  Sixty seconds earlier or later, and I would have not gotten the same synchronicity.  So I decided to jot down thirteen explanations for the phenomenon.

  1. Angels are formed by swirly vortexes of luck.  Being in the right place at the right time is a skill, if you can follow the invisible connections that join every thing to every other thing.
  2. We have spaghetti straps of love stuck to our shoulders.  This is a little bit like karma.  Everyone who is thinking good thoughts about you is sending you good vibes.  If you build up enough of this positive energy around your head, you will turn to look just in time to see the perfect thing.
  3. Desire attracts.  There is a very interesting theory that we always get what we really want.  Your deepest desires have much more chance of happening, since you want them so bad.  Not many people can understand that, since they don’t really know what they really want.
  4. This is God’s ant farm.  Who knows?  I tend to think we are all wrong, so this one has as good a chance as any.
  5. There is no spoon.  You are a brain in a jar in my lab.  There is no way you can prove to me that you are not.  When you feel angels protecting you, you are having a real good trip.
  6. Our selves play dominoes all over the place.  Like, if there are parallel universes created from the temporal branches proceeding from each moment, then the wings are created by all my other possible actions.
  7. Some people just can’t let go.  Maybe the whole ghost thing happens when someone is too attached to the human with all its exquisite beauty.  Many cultures have believed it, so there has got to be something to it.
  8. The human brain can create its own reality.  We cannot escape the images of the angel in this culture.  The pictures are everywhere.  What we see is what we get.
  9. Rationalization is fun.  Saying “I accidentally stepped out of the way at just the right time” is fairly boring.
  10. Space Bears!  That’s right.  You knew it was coming.  Aliens.  They are everywhere, and when they are not conducting their pointless probing experiments, they are angels.
  11. Animal totems ROCK!  I have merged with squirrels.  Maybe the angels are human/bird hybrids who were really curious about the sensation of flight.
  12. There is a war in heaven.  Tom Robbins had the best version of this in his masterpiece called Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates.  He talked about the neutral angels.  Some of the funniest profound prose ever.
  13. I am an angel myself, and we protect our own.  It always feels good to belong to an exclusive club.  Whatever feelings make you feel best, those are the feelings you should practice.  Give yourself permission to choose the explanation of life that serves up the most bliss inside your little angel heart.  You’ll be glad you did, whether it is “true” or not.

Now you know where angels come from.  As soon as you come down from the heights of inspiration, write your own list of thirteen things you like to groove on and link them here:


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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bad beat!

supes5.jpg   supes4.jpg

supes6.jpg   supes7.jpg

I strongly dislike Superman.  I always have.  Last night took the bad feelings to new heights, and created some happy Vs. System memories that will continue our grudge far into the future.

I switched back to Silver Age, whipping out my X-Babies at Hobby League.  My cardboard chromosomes were golden for the first three rounds; flattening the Unaffiliated, rearranging the JLA, and drowning Darkseid.  Then came a legendary Superman clone deck with Cadmus Labs and Total Anarchy.  Can you spell domination?

The pictures above show you my horror.  That was the actual board I faced.  Ouch.


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Forty Ninth Question of the Day.


(Nina’s painting called “Talking To Trees”.)

This question is sort of the essence of the Full Body Transplant experience.  Art is often seen as a way of expressing yourself.  If that “expressing” is defined as “squeezing something out”, then we have a mystery.

What is the self that is expressed through art?


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The Luckiest Man Alive.

bode1  ninaisreal  broad3

(Belinda Bump copyright Mark Bode 2008. Nina copyright me forever.)

Some things cannot be spoken.  Such is the way of today.  Staying home from work for reasons you cannot know at this time.  Good day.

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Best. Week. Ever.


(click on the boing for better resolution)

Wow, what a whirlwind.  Thanks to those luscious frozen lizards, we got cited on BOTH and  (Only the two coolest sites a computer can visit.)  And then there was the Vaughn Bode thing, which now includes a wonderful email from his son Mark.  I may never recover.  Thanks to everyone for the good vibes.  This baby is humming.

See you next week.


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Beyond My Control.


That is an image I created for Full Body Transplant back in the days we were making plastic body armor.  I have no idea why it pixelated so drastically when I re-sized it.  If you click on the barely recognizable image you will see my idea of high fashion in its full glory.  Be careful if you are at work, it is rather racy.

It was some kind of happy accident that caused that picture to go all fuzzy.  The things we cannot control hold the greatest potential for transcendance. 

Yesterday, thanks to Thursday Thirteen, I gained a real life connection to one of my lifelong heroes.  It just happened, I didn’t have any control over it.  Vaughn Bode’s niece runs a beautiful blog about books and life.  We found each other through total electronic serendipity.  We are now fast friends. 

My life will never be the same, and all I did was follow the chaos of another fine moment on the interwebs.  Lovely.


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Thursday Thirteen: Another List of Random Search Terms.


(My painting entitled “First Love”, illustrating #1 on the list.) 

Okay, this idea is lifted from numerous sources.  The search terms people use to find our little corners of the blogosphere are an endless source of delight for those of us with access to such an information saturated medium.  Here are my favorites from Full.  Body.  Transplant.  These came in just this week.

1. bliss crotch – It is indeed a primary motivation, but unless you are looking for my psychedelic interpretation of blissful monogamy… you have come to the wrong place.

2. switch bodies – This is the most often clicked search concept for people landing here.  I often wonder if they found the instructions they were looking for.

3. “she can turn into” – Oh how I love experimenting with the conclusion of that thought in real life.

4. teen titan tentacles – Icky ending to #3.  But it does have possiblities.

5. hot love – I chuckle when I realize what this person was really after.

6. body pleasures list ways – Here?  On this blog?  I guess so, if you can read between the lines.

7. say it was a good day – I always do.  It’s the only day we ever have.

8. comfort – Proud to be a part of that number.

9. cow –  What???

10. frozen iguana – Sounds like the name of a slushy drink.  Yum.

11. How to build my Life – Aim to please, and shoot to kill.

12. aquaman effect photoshop –  He.  Has.  Arrived.  A photoshop filter is the crowning achievement of any superhero’s career.

13. count points banana – Hmmm.  I wonder.  This one I just MUST google for myself.

Happy Thursday, you freaky Thirteener you.  Write your own list and link it here.  Do it now.


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Fish Story.


(1977 cards of some sort.  Click here for more info.)

I actually got my latest cardboard obsession to work last night.  Hobby League in Miami returned from the holidays with ten solid competitors, and my buddies let me use my Golden Legend deck to wreck.  First match I faced a Flash build running XS, and found myself on turn four with only two Seahorses to recruit… but they each got three counters and an Nth Metal!  Add a sweet green Mojoverse and my little ponies provided the big beats right off the bat.  Then round two they took on Oracle, Batman, Superman, and Two-Face.  Concealed?  You cannot hide from the smell of seafood.  This fish loves to swing to the face for 36.  I had him down to 7 on turn four, and he recovered to survive until six.  Fabulous match, he would have still won if he had one more pump.  Third time was not a charm.  Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey and Wolverine screamed “X-Men Assemble!” and got all swollen real fast.  Our underwater manes went up in flames.  I am adding the six-drop AoA Rogue for next week.

DISCLAIMER: If you are here on the blog from somewhere else, you will need to read that as a cut-and-paste poem or an inkblot or something.  The game is funky like that, with its strange combination of well-known characters and geeky gamer lingo.  Natch.


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Another Freakish Miami Night: It Rained Iguanas.

This iguana lies belly up Thursday under a buttonwood tree in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. The extreme cold weather in South Florida had an effect on most of the cold-blooded reptiles living at the park, some came back to life as the sun warmed. Others weren’t so lucky.

Wednesday night’s bitter cold came like a giant Sominex for the tree-dwelling iguanas of South Florida.  When the temperature falls below a certain level, the large green lizards drop out of the trees and litter the ground.

They aren’t dead. At least a lot of them aren’t. It is as if they are in suspended animation, said Robert Yero, park manager at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne.  It was raining iguanas at Bill Baggs Thursday morning. There were a couple underneath buttonwood trees and a third beneath a sea grape. All were about 30 yards from the beach, in the coastal hammock.

”We have found dozens on the bike path after a major cold snap,” said Yero. “When they warm up in the sun, they come back to life.”  Yero isn’t too fond of the comatose critters. They are exotics from Central and South America, brought in as pets and then released to the wilds by their owners when they got too big for the house.

They munch on the foliage, literally nipping in the bud efforts to revive native vegetation.

”They really are taking over,” Yero said.


Hello everyone who hit this link from boingboing or neatorama.  That is the story from the Miami Herald, and I am Rian Fike.  You are welcome to wallow around my blog for a while since you are already here.  I’ll just lie back stunned like a frozen iguana.  Enjoy!


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Thursday Thirteen: The Modern Myths of Comic Books.


This week’s Thursday Thirteen is especially dear to me, since I have the honor of writing weekly articles about humanity’s modern myths.  Yes, I am talking about comic book superheroes and villains.  When I took a stroll through this past year’s archives, I only got as far back as May before I had 13 favorites.  I absolutely love my job.  I also adore the fact that I figured out how to make proper links so you can click on the name of the character for the full story.  Good times ahead in 2008, click away!

1. Madelyne Pryor.  The girl is red hot, in more ways than one.

2. Shuma-Gorath and Dormammu.  Two all-time favorite bad guys, one with giant tentacles.

3. Mad Hatter.  Did you know that the term “mad as a hatter” came from historical mercury poisoning?

4. Poison Ivy.  Her college professor seduced her and used her for his experiments.

5. Kim Hoshi as Dr. Light.  We should all be so shiny.  She is really good in the game, fueling the best team attack tricks since Teen Titans.

6. Ghost Rider.  My head was burning at the time, I actually wrote the article on my phone by the pool.

7. Domino.  Another experiment gone bad, but she gets lucky.  High contrast beauty to the extreme.

8. Cable.  Since he bodyslides in and out of time, he has more different outfits than anyone in comics.  Maddie is his mom and tried to kill him to take over the world.

9. Indigo.  This one was totally new to me, and I totally fell in love.  She is dying in the pic at the top of this list.

10. Slapstick.  The article is all about comic book clowns, and this guy had his molecules spread out over 3,714 dimensions before he became a cartoon.

11. Destroyer.  A metal suit of armor that houses the souls of the gods.  Cool as hell.

12. Lana Lang.  I knew her from Smallville, but she can turn into any kind of insect with her magic ring?

13. Sea Creatures.  They don’t follow Aquaman because it is their duty, they do it for love.

I could write three pages about each one, but I already did!  Enjoy the links and their rich modern mythology.  Then write your own Thursday Thirteen and link it here.  Have a deeply satisfying 2008. I know I will, with the help of the comic books and Vs. System.


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