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Thursday Thirteen: A Revolution in Yin Yang Alliteration.


The social club of Vs. System is shifting gears.  We are undergoing a paradigm update.  Today I am going to describe the revolution with words that tend to clump closely according to opening consonants. 

1. Instead of an authoritative central location, we now have a Humanizing Hub

2. Rather than a completely subjective evaluation of the global output, there is now a Verifying Vote.  (A click for me is a click for thee.  If anyone ever wanted to vote for this site, now is your chance.)

3. Elitism Erodes Exponentially, as we slide into a sort of people’s revolution.

4. Instead of Conquest, Cracked Characters Create Consensus.

5. Dicks Dissolve, and we start to act like human beings again.

6. It feels like there is some kind of dissipation of electricity, as the Power Pours Personally throughout the system.

7. The whole “king of the hill” chest-thumping mentality fades, And An Elegant Equality Gains Glorious luminosity.

8. The truly passionate remain, forming the Core Civiliation that will thrive into the future.

9. We mirror the comic books that our game is based on, struggling with forces beyond our control, forming a Banded Brotherhood of hope for the coming years.

10.  The DIY Ethos Emerges.

11. Personal Pleasure Reigns Rowdy, and things are going to get sloppy good.

12. Our Own hands will build it.

13. There are no more excuses.  We can’t hide behind our computer screens and whine about The Things “They” are doing wrong.  We must do this ourselves.  We Will Win.  Watch us.

I have no clue whether that worked or not, and I guess I never did fit the Yin Yang thing in there.  The original idea was to highlight the fact that we are transitioning from Competitive to Casual, from Conquest to Community, from Elitism to Empowerment, and from Dickery to Delight.  Of course, both sides are neccesary for the dynamic beauty that makes life worth living.  Our little card game community is shifting toward the Yin, but we will always love us some Yang.  Peace out.


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How Old Is Too Old? (A Mothership Contest.)

rally  old

Here we go.  The new column is scheduled to debut on the mothership on March 12th.  It will be called “Rallying Cry!”  The grassroots DIY revolution is on, and one of the rides will be a random contest with a sweet little prize: A handmade Vs. System tee-shirt.  I will make it killer cool, I promise.

Here is the inaugural challenge.

Who are the Top Ten Oldest Characters with cards in the game?  And who are the Top Ten Youngest?  We are talking about the age of the character, not the card, and exact ages would be an interesting addition to your entry.  Have a Blast!


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Killer Hockey Trade!


Time to see that pose with Stu Barnes underneath.  Brad Richards (and Johan Holmqvist) to the Dallas Stars for Mike Smith, Jussi Jokinen, and Jeff Halpern.  The deal is done, and I love the move.  They kept the fishsticks, and now Stu has his sights set straight on the heart of the Cup.



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A Temporary Conglomerate of Energy.


That was the scene to greet the day.  Such fragile beauty, so exquisitely temporary.

Life is like that.  Our brains may try to convince us that our ideas and ephemera are important and eternal, but we are really just temporary conglomerates of energy.

Except in our imaginations.  The deep detail of our delusions allows a sort of exponential potential for permanence.  We can pretend that all this means something, and if we fake it well enough… it comes true.

Just chasing my tail to clear the cobwebs this morning, have a great Temporary Tuesday.

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Academy Award for Best Original Song: A Freaking Miracle.

onceagain  once

If you have not seen the film Once, you are in for a treat.  Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard won an Oscar for the song “Falling Slowly” tonight, and I am still pinching myself to wake up.  It was an underdog victory of epic proportions, and their speeches were transcendant.  Very exciting times, these two are independant as it gets.  They were truly overjoyed in accepting the award for struggling artists everywhere.  Mad props to ABC and John Stewart for allowing Marketa to get her time to speak after the previous commercial break had cut her off.  It was one of the greatest moments in Oscar history.

Marketa Irglova: 

Hi everyone.

I just want to thank you so much.

This is such a big deal, not only for us, but for all other independent musicians and artists that spend most of their time struggling.

This – the fact that we’re standing here tonight, the fact that we’re able to hold this – it’s just to prove, no matter how far out your dreams are, it’s possible.

Fair play to those who dare to dream and don’t give up.

This song was written from a perspective of hope. 

Hope, at the end of the day, connects us all.  No matter how different we are.

Glen Hansard:

This is amazing. What are we doing here? This is mad.

We made this film two years ago; we shot on two Handycams.   It took us three weeks to make; we made it for a hundred grand.

We never thought we would come into a room like this and be in front of you people.   It’s been an amazing thing.

Thanks for taking this film seriously, all of you – it means a lot to us.   Thanks to the Academy, thanks to all the people who’ve helped us – they know who they are, we don’t need to say them.

This is amazing.  Make art, make art, make art!

(Photographs from Fox Searchlight, you can also hear the song there, although it is best if you hear it for the first time when you watch the film.  Enjoy.)


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Ellen Page Is Still A Winner.


Our little Shadowcat really did deserve the big trophy tonight, and Juno was by far the Best Picture of 2008 for us.  Diablo Cody’s dialogue sounds like something directly out of our heads, and Ellen Page delivered the bitterly aware effervescence of our subcultural quirks with dizzying precision.  It is as if someone finally turned over the cool smooth rock that us punks have been chilling under while the bright lights of ditzy divas and high-brow violence blind the sheep to the existence of a real human voice.

I really think Juno is the best movie of the 21st Century, it gives me hope for the future of the species.  The fact that it included a phaseshifting member of the X-Men adds a bit of extra juice for me.  Diablo Cody’s acceptance speech for Best Original Script was correct, this actress really is “the superhuman Ellen Page”.  Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this masterpiece.  We love you madly, with or without an Oscar.

(Screenshot thanks to 20th Century Fox, SAG Award photo courtesy USA Weekend.)


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Weekend in Heaven: Writer’s Flock.


I feel like a superhero myself sometimes.  The evil plans of Gravity and Inertia will not deny my mission; I will write today about the Infinates.  (I must get finished before the Oscars.)  Now, if I can only get this Ballot Manipulation Ring to make sure Kitty Pryde wins Best Actress.  Of course Best Picture would be nice too.  We shall see how strong these powers really are. 

Go Go Shadowcat!  Go Go Juno!

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Mad Talent!

zyheart  fairytail

We are toying around with the photographs from the talent show in class today, and I thought I would drop a couple of them here for your amusement.  They are Photoshopped with the Plastic Wrap filter, after increasing Contrast and Saturation.  Enjoy!

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Getting Into a Fairy Tail.


“If you go after the storm in this small town in Estonia, you’ll catch yourself thinking that you’ve got into a fairy tail.”

That is the actual quote.  There are more great photographs too.  What a beautiful way to start my Friday.  Mad thanks to for keeping track of stuff like that.

My Crowd Control duties went smoothly yesterday.  The talent show was a success.  Aside from the bad hockey being played down here lately, life is grand.  Happy Friday to one and all.  I will be back this afternoon with more instructions on how to get into a fairy’s tail.

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I am an oxymoron.


I don’t have as much time for this as I would like, we have a talent show at school today and I was assigned the duty of “Crowd Control”.  Yes, it actually says that on the memo, with the capital letters.  I will do my best.

I am an oxymoron.  I have always known it, and now I have external validation.  One of my most dedicated haters on the message boards honored me with this last night:

“You are a fascist hippie, or an oxymoron.”

First, a word about my haters.  For the four years I have been peacocking around on the forums, I have built quite a following.  I guess my charisma attracts them like mosquitos to a bug zapper.  Here is my favorite quote about the situation, from Mike Gunderloy himself.

“You have fans, cash customers – even a few enemies! (than which few things are more flattering.)”

That quote is almost 20 years old, and I have been an oxymoron since those heady days of the zine revolution.  My favorite?

Moral Judgement is Wrong.  That is one of the Proven Beliefs that I live by.

Lately I am just Obsessively Satisfied, especially when my dedicated haters flatter me to no end. 

That’s all the time I have right now to talk about it, I am off to do some serious Crowd Control at the talent show.  Leave some comments and we will discuss the flattery of haters and the bliss of being an oxymoron when I get back.


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Thursday Thirteen: Fortune Cookies in Bed.


We eat chinese buffet as often as we can afford it.  I love checking off the number of different species in my belly when we are done.  Then, the cookies.

Ten or twelve years ago, we started adding the words “in bed” at the end of every fortune.  It is really fun to play in large groups after a good meal.  Laughter helps the digestion.  Today I play with you.  Let me share the last thirteen slips of paper we pulled from our fortune cookies.  In bed.

1. “The stars appear every night.” … in bed.

2.  “Consider gain and loss, but never be greedy.” … in bed.

3.  “This is a good time to consider formally helping others.” … in bed.

4.  “You’ll have all sorts of chances to make a happy encounter.” … in bed.

5.  “You can depend on the trust of the collective.” … in bed.

6.  “Happier days are definitely ahead for you, struggle has ended.” … in bed.

7.  “Rely on your own good judgement to lead you to success.”  … in bed.

8.  “Sincerity is the finest point of communication.” … in bed.

9.  “Set high goals.” … in bed.

10.  “Take the initiative and others will support you.” … in bed.

11.  “The last thing you need sharpened is your tongue.” … in bed.

12. “Aspire to be great, then give everything you have.” … in bed.

13.  “Grasp the opportunities that are coming your way.”  … in bed.

So that’s what happens when the crumbs hit the sheets in our house.  You can grab a fortune online right now by clicking around in here, and then you need to make your own list of recent prophecies and link it to: … in bed.


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Russian Spiderman… and Sentinels?


Big ups to Seventh Soldier for turning us on to some amazing Russian folk art.  The fact that it depicts a few of our favorite superstars in the modern mythological pop culture stew is gravy.

Spiderman gropes!

The robot scene, however, is a mystery.  Could it be the shiny purple Sentinels that warm the cockles of my heart?  A boy can dream…


Hit that Russian madness and see if you can figure out who the legends are.  Then run back here to the blog and translate for me.  I will award my final copy of Parallax to the first person with a full list.  Thanks.


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