I’ve Got The Power.

Sweet Jean.

Things rumble, things bumble, and things fall into place just right.   Yes, the Super Bowl is upon us this weekend, and we are bringing the wings.  I look forward to some sort of unexplainable play that will seem like a phantom luck demon got involved.  It’s a hunch. 

What’s in your crystal ball for The Sunday Above All Others?

While you prognosticate, I need to get busy writing this week’s article for the mothership.  It will be all about this humming harmony I feel between my shoulders this morning.  Or something.  Happy Super Bowl Sunday, to one and all!

(Jean Grey, Phoenix Force by Dave Johnson from Upper Deck’s Vs. System)



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4 responses to “I’ve Got The Power.

  1. I predict that I’ll get a really good seat at church… My husband and I may be the only people on the planet not watching football.

  2. Sounds like a good bet! Enjoy the Sabbath.

  3. kaleeshwarrior

    I got spoiled on “fake kick” plays after observing the college football games out of the corner of my eye this past year. I predict we won’t see one since none of the NFL teams are cool enough to risk it. 🙂

    I also predict that the Giants come out of nowhere to win the thing. Just a feeling.

  4. Hmmm. Some sort of trickery. That would be way cool in the big game, I think we can arrange that.

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