Pseudo-Psychic Super Bowl Predictions!


Nina and I did some divination last night for Super Bowl XLII.  Four random card and board games, one for each quarter.  She was the Giants, I was the Pats.  This is what we got.  I am posting this at 9:24 am Eastern Standard.  The game is still 9 hours away.  We shall see how accurate it is when all is said and done.

First Quarter: The Patriots start solid and strong, but the Giants don’t fall apart.  We played Hello Kitty Uno, and I won.  She only had one card left when I went out.  New England 7, New York 3.

Second Quarter: The Giants’ ground attack keeps them in the game, and actually gives them the lead.  New England still looks good, but cannot get the big plays going.  Nina won Gin Rummy, as I got locked in to the Jack of Hearts for my win condition.  The Patriots will stick to a game plan that is not quite working.  Halftime score is New York 17, New England 14.

Third Quarter:  This time it was Spiderman Uno, and I went out with my original seven card hand.  The Giants are in big trouble coming out of the halftime break.  Beware Randy Moss in the third quarter.  New England 28, New York 17.

Fourth Quarter:  Parcheesi for the win!  It was a fabulous contest, with twists and turns and amazing runs of luck.  Great news for the big game. The Giants will do some exciting and memorable things, but in the end… Destiny Rules.  Final score: New England 42, New York 38.

(That is, if you can believe our method.)

Have a great party, everyone.  I’ll see you back here to talk about the commercials in the morning.



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2 responses to “Pseudo-Psychic Super Bowl Predictions!

  1. You are correct sir, Hello Kitty was the only one who was anything close to accurate! Unless, of course, you cut our predictions off at halftime. Then we nailed it.

    Congratulations to the New York Giants. That was an extremely entertaining Super Bowl.

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