Another Fabulous Monday.


Yes, I actually own a piece of Joe Namath’s old clothes.  If there is a big enough drop of sweat in there, we might be able to clone him.  Technology keeps getting better each day.  Soon, nothing really will be impossible.

Last night was grand entertainment on a massive scale.  The 1972 Dolphins, the team I witnessed in the Orange Bowl in sixth grade while cheering as Deacon Jones broke Bob Griese’s leg, bought us all champagne.  My ears are still ringing, my heart it still singing.

And Michael Jackson’s little song called “Thriller”, or something?  It bumped us up to the fourth hottest WordPress blog on the planet, so far.  Whatever they did to Naomi Campbell and those lizards – it works for me.  Happy Monday!



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4 responses to “Another Fabulous Monday.

  1. As much as I loved watching Namath play, and what he did for football, the AFL, and the celebrity of football players, I still can’t get past this:

    And don’t even ask about the time he stood up to make a toast on the Upper Deck cruise ship off the coast of Honolulu in February 2000.

  2. Joe Willie is, indeed, a unique character. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Olds

    The name of my fantasy football teams every year since Suze? Drunken Joe Willie.

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