Life Water Super Bowl Thriller Commercial: Who’s That Girl?


Michael Jackson is back, making lizards do the Thriller and bugs get gulped.  But who’s that girl dancing with them?

Whoever she is, that was a seriously fun ride.  It’s been a long time, and it’s good to have the King of Pop return to the living room with a poppin’ fresh new remix.  Bravo.



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18 responses to “Life Water Super Bowl Thriller Commercial: Who’s That Girl?

  1. Anonymous

    naomi campbell

  2. And Nina wins the bet! Thanks, I could have sworn Naomi Campbell was too skinny to be that beautiful. I can’t wait to see it again.

  3. kadian215

    That commercial was funny. The best one was the talking baby. Can you believe they pay $2.5 million for a thirty second commercial during the Superbowl?

  4. Yes I can believe it, and I guess that explains why we didn’t see the Thriller dance again all night.

  5. The dancing in the commercial was such fun.
    Very well done. Bravo indeed!!!

  6. jetman07

    That commercial was one of my favorites. Good thing I DVR’d the Super Bowl so I can watch it again.

  7. Out of the many Super Bowl ad failures this year, that one really wasn’t that bad. Reminded me a little bit of Geico though.

  8. I thought it was Geico, too, in the preview for the ad.
    Previews for ads. What a concept.

  9. A very well executed concept, in my opinion. We can’t put the genie back in the bottle, modern man is addicted to the 30 second burst of information. Since commercials are now considered art, we might as well celebrate them.

    The two previews and the Thriller dance can be found here:

    Good times.

  10. Naomi Campbell is ten times hotter than Tyra Banks! word.

  11. Yeah, it’s Naomi Campbell….


  12. This commerical was epic. That and the Doritos commerical with the mouse.

    Quite possibly the best Super Bowl I have ever witnessed.

  13. kari

    I didn’t think it was Naomi Campbell.
    Thanks for the information!

  14. Les Jennings

    I thought that was Naomi Campbell…, my only comment is WOW. She looks better than ever.

  15. Cranberi

    At a quick glance I thought it was Beyonce’… But all I can say is…. Naomi sure looks young!

  16. Becb

    AS for the ad, I thought it was fantastic. And Naomi was as Hot as she has ever been, Which is really HOT… Beyonce just wished she looked that good.

  17. Naomi's Man

    That was my wifey, Naomi doin her thang.

    She has some new shoots coming out this spring that are going to shock the world!

  18. Brent

    WOW! Naomi is more beautiful than ever.

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