Stat Pack: WordPress Traffic Patterns Revealed.


Whew.  What a Monday.  When I left work, Full Body Transplant was holding down the 7th most popular single post on all of WordPress.  I don’t know how it fluctuated through the evening and overnight… I had a non-electronic real-life full-body kind of party back at the grotto with Nina.  As of 3 in the afternoon, we were also perched in the 72nd Top Blog spot.  I learned that you can be the third Top Growing blog, but then as soon as you hit the Top 100 overall you are no longer considered to be “growing”.  My favorite part of the whole experience was the fact that we handed Chuck Norris his lunch.  Yes, there was a hot lolcat cheezburger with his name on it yesterday.  We took that kitty DOWN. 

Naomi Campell + Dancing Lizards = Mad Traffic.

I am not one to kiss and tell specific numbers, but it was fascinating to finally see how many hits it takes to get to the center of the WordPress dashboard.  Thank you, all you random web surfers who were looking for the Thriller commercial and got full body transplanted instead.  You really made my day.

And what about Tuesday?  Like I always say: Every day, in every way, better and better.  I jumped back into the interwebs when I got to work – and found that we have been neatorama’d once again!  I love this life.  I love it a lot.


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