The Things That Make Life Worth Living.

bees  predator  bacon

You can click on those to make them bigger, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  They will blow your mind.  I am extremely honored and inspired this morning to share a space with them.  The front page of – perhaps the funkiest online gallery in the world – includes my weekend bunny hop alongside those modern masterpieces.  It is a great day to be alive.

Too many people seem to be addicted to negativity and constant whining.  It can crush the spirit.  Personally, I always turn toward creativity and constant bliss instead.  There is a certain undenable joy in living human tissue.  There is always an option to groove on some unique new thought.  And the haters can easily be ignored in favor of celebrating the exquisite artistic output of other like minded freaks, whether they be shaven bees, Lego Predators, or bacon scarves. 

Art Party on!


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One response to “The Things That Make Life Worth Living.

  1. I will not rest until I have a bacon scarf wrapped snugly around my neck.

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