Thursday Thirteen: A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the 1-Cost Army Characters.

wild  starlings 

I need to inject this blog with a heavy dose of Vs. System today.  Clicking on the 13 card names will explain, if you are completely lost.  They will also provide hilarious historical entertainment if you are a member of our kitchen table cardflipping community.  I went into the Archives and started with my oldest articles, working my way forward.  I found some rather obscure little dudes, alongside a few very famous weenies.  I didn’t even get close to 2008, due to my excessive love for our darling mythological superhero squirrels.  Enjoy.

1. Wild Sentinel.  The shiny purple toy that started it all.

2. GCPD Officer.   The only cops I am glad to see in my rear view mirror.  They made Big Spooky’s dreams come true.  Check out the shirt he is wearing.  I painted that.

3. Gole.  Okay, so he is not really an army character.  I just love the memories.  Screaming “Gole!!!” like a soccer announcer?  Pricless.

4. Parademons.  No trip down memory lane would be complete without a re-calculation of the Anti-Life Equation.

5. Soldiers of New Genesis.  Micheal Jacob himself worked with me on the Blue Abuse deck, but I was too stubborn to actually run it.

6. Anti-Green Lantern.  Seeing my wonky way of using these guys, compared to the Tier One deck that they evolved into, is a true headscratcher.

7. Macrobots.  They do cost 2, but they still turn my brain blue.

8. Manhunter Protector.  Kamiza’ Kingdom deserves the same free pass.

9. Weenie.  Hot dog cheats for the win.

10. Creeping Doom.  It’s in there, I promise.

11. Illusionary Warriors.  Jank origins indeed.  I remember this Release Celebration like it was yesterday.

12. Starlings.  Yes.  Seriously.  I wrote an article, and started a playtesting team, all revolving around Starlings.  You must check this out.

13. Multiple Man <> Jamie Madrox.  I did jump ahead quite a few columns to showcase this one at the end.  Usually it is really difficult to pick my own Best of the Year articles for the holiday Greatest Hits week.  This was a no brainer.

That’s my Thirteen this week.  Thanks for bearing with me if you had no idea what I was talking about.  Now make a list of stuff you are obsessed with and link it to:  We will all be enriched.



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25 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the 1-Cost Army Characters.

  1. Interesting… 🙂 happy TT (mine’s up)

  2. The only trading card games I know are the Star Trek CCG and Magic The Gathering, but I also know there are lots more. Thanks for introducing me to Vs. System! 🙂
    My TT gives you 13 quotes by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

  3. Trading card game? It doesn’t make sense to me. Perhaps I’m just not creative enough. Sorry, I’m too old I guess. Have a great TT. 🙂

  4. Flying Monkey

    Nice list , I like it! Come boogie on down to my list!


    Tee. I’m talking about dogs on books. Happy TT.

  6. That’s interesting! God bless.

  7. cricket51

    Hmmmm…nope, not a clue! LOL

  8. Yep, I’m lost. This is an entirely new system to me — but no real surprise. I like comics and graphic novels, but never got into the gaming thing.

  9. You live in such a fun alternative universe – and how cool is that?? YAY Rian!! Gosh….

    Happy TT!

  10. I’m way too over the hill – pathetic isn’t it?

    The Pink Flamingo

  11. I have some friends who own a gaming store. Wonder if they’ll be hosting a competition with these cards! They look pretty cool.


  12. is this like yu-gi-oh? i wonder if my 11 year old son would like this!
    have a good one!

  13. Completely, utterly lost… Which reminds me, we must converse… Email me (or I will stalk you).

    PS I have two, count ’em, 2, TT posts this week.

  14. Email sent, let the stalking begin!

  15. Lost am I … totally, but I always love visiting your T-13. You clearly follow your passions and that’s wonderful.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Consider me among the lost, but interested and amused.

    Happy TT.

  17. ok, i am completely lost here lol
    i DO remember magic the gathering, pokemon and yugioh though!
    happy tt!

  18. Just stopping by to say I’m glad I made your day, but please don’t make me laugh that hard. It hurts. 😦

    Isn’t Trevor grand? I love that guy…

  19. Like Comedy Plus, I’m a tad too old to know this stuff, but thanks for cluing me in!

  20. My sons collected baseball cards and then Magic Cards. I just collect credit cards and Hallmark.

  21. I’m a little late doing my TT rounds.

    I learned way too many Pokémon and the likes of Yu-gi-oh a couple years ago when my kids were into them. They quickly became absorbed in the gameboy games instead of the cards. Very cool, even if I don’t know the system. I think I still have an unopened pack of MTG cards from France around here somewhere.

  22. Multiple Man. It’s a beautiful card, and an effect that really should have been duplicated for his MVL release.

  23. marnini

    I don’t think I know too much about these cards, but you gave me some insight.:)

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