Weekend in Heaven: Squirrel Girl for the win.


I have no connection to the interwebs at home this weekend, which obviously means Nina and I will be swapping skin for two days straight.  While I am at a friend’s house with access, I wanted to post that insanely synchronistic high five from the Snark Master.  (Check my blogroll for further details.) 

See y’all on Monday, have a squirrelly weekend.



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3 responses to “Weekend in Heaven: Squirrel Girl for the win.

  1. soshikenpachi

    *sigh* You poor, poor man. You have to miss out on 105 gamers, at least a quarter of whom were too busy playtesting for today to shower this morning in a confined area arguing, and all you get in return is 48 straight hours of sexual attention.

  2. I got three hits last night looking for Squirrel Girl. In case future explorers come looking…

    Here is the article:


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