Nutty Politics: Huckabee Eats Squirrel.


This has been the most intriguing and exhilirating election year of my life.  The electorate seems to be exceedlingly energized, and each candidate hums at a very entertaining frequency.  Now comes this.

On “Meet the Press”, Tim Russert grinned and grilled Mike Huckabee on the eating of the squirrel.  It seems Huckabee was in college, and that the dorm rules only allowed small appliances for cooking in the rooms.  He and his buddies had a popcorn popper that held a decent amount of oil.  One night, after a successful squirrel hunt, the boys enjoyed a delicious round of deep-fried tree rat.

“I know I am supposed to say it tastes like chicken, but it doesn’t”, the presidential candidate confessed.  Then he scrunched up his face and admitted “It tastes like… squirrel.”

I loved every minute of it.  Huckabee was warm, and real, and funny.  If you are what you eat, we may have a fluffy-tailed rodent in the White House someday.  Not very likely, but it would be a hoot.


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2 responses to “Nutty Politics: Huckabee Eats Squirrel.

  1. I love that Huckabee isn’t afraid to talk about wackiness like this.

  2. He does have the best personality I have ever seen in a politician this close to the White House, no doubt. Fun stuff.

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