Winning Eases the Pain.


How to get my mind off my throbbing vertebrae?  Play Build a Legend at Hobby League, obv.  I will give a more thorough report on the mothership, but this was my basic therapy…

1. Break out the X-babies.

2. Win Round One against Jose and his Checkmate Aspiring Pawn legend.  Finish the match at zero endurance, with him at minus one.

3. Take Round Two against Dennison and Jean Grey Gone Mental.  If he would have hit X-Men Assemble! I would have been toast.

4. Finish the run for the red threads in Round Three by dumping Aldo’s Punisher with a flourish.

5. Try on my new Flash shirt, with the new Upper Deck logo on the sleeve, and give one Parallax to each of my vanquished opponents.

6. Feel all better!



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8 responses to “Winning Eases the Pain.

  1. I have passed on my “E” award to you if you care to come grab it from my sidebar. It is awarded to blogs that are deemed “Excellent” by the giver.

  2. Thanks Sandy! I just keep on winning, and my neck keeps feeling better and better…

  3. If I had a Hobby League nearby, I would so try to get that shirt. He’s my favorite DC character, with my favorite super power, and I love his outfit. Congratulations on the win.

  4. jetman07

    Congratz on the win Stu. Hey can I see your deck list as I am still looking for something to play at my Legend tourny?

  5. So I’m guessing I’m too early for the TT then… I hope you’ll be well enough to participate. 🙂

  6. The TT is a bit late, but full of love.

    The Decklist:

    X-babies: Build A Legend Champion Edition.

    12 Multiple Man
    4 Domino
    4 Cable, Nathan Summers
    4 Wolverine, Logan
    2 Beast, Bookworm
    2 Shadowcat, Phase Shifter
    2 Jubilee, Mallrat
    2 Jaime ReyesBlue Beetle

    4 Mobilize
    4 Bodyslide
    4 Fastball Speciall
    4 Flying Kick
    4 Blinding Rage

    2 Xavier’s Institute
    2 Birthing Chamber

    2 Ego Gem
    2 Blackbird Blue

  7. Well done mate. I’m currently suffering from a prolapsed disc down near the base of my spine. Perhaps you can work some mojo so I get some similar relief on Saturday? I’ve got a City Championships this weekend, at which I thought we might be winning the Flash stuff. Unfortunately, it’s the Jean Grey stuff, which I already won last month. Still, at least I get to flip cards with new people. Apparently there are seven guys from maidstone demon’s store making the journey into London. Should be fun. I may even play super-troopers for the giggle!

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