Home is where the Mulletman is.



Our hero was framed!  Longshot now rests comfortably on the same wall as the thermostat, a lithograph by Nina’s best friend from college, and the family heirloom I inherited from my beloved Grandma Briggs.  That priceless trophy fish is from the Indiana farmhouse where my mom grew up growing carrots for V8.  My grandmother caught the biggest Bluegill in the state of Minnesota for the year 1967.  Now it hangs alongside the luckiest alien in comic book history.  Our house will never be the same.

Need more info?  Your wish is my command.  Check the Mulletman’s stats, and be enlightened.



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12 responses to “Home is where the Mulletman is.

  1. Oh, if only it was Stilt-Man… hee…

  2. Stilt-Man cannot be framed. He expands forever!

  3. djr17

    Mullet-man only weighs in at 80 lbs? Does he need counseling for an eating disorder?

  4. Trader2699

    His bones are hollow, that is why he weighs so little. It’s also why he’s able to be so agile. Sommersaults, FTW.

  5. Indeed, the Mulletman was manufactured for tricky movement. I can’t ever get over the fact that he is listed at 6’2″. Since he is always twirling around in impossible poses he never looks that tall.

  6. Ah Longshot, four fingers of fury in a birdlike frame. What a stud. And so devilishly handsome with his glowy eye thingy.

    I have given you an award, if you want it, check out my last post.

    Thanks for being here for me to read!

  7. You are absolutely welcome, thank YOU.

    Now get in my blogroll… immediately!

  8. Sooo nice! I need to frame my “No Fear” soon!!

  9. Sean The Baldman

    it is really nice

    on my wall I have a ‘Big Mouth Billy Bass’ that sings ‘Take me to the river’ next to my stick picture of Iron-Man.

  10. I don’t know about the mullet guy but that shellacked fish is tops.

  11. I remember the X-men the Animated series episodes from the nineties with Longshot. God, I hated Mojo …

    That stat card is cool. Where’s it from? I see it says 1992 at the bottom, which is also why I thought of the old nineties cartoon (which I loved).

  12. The card is from an X-Men set produced around that time. It was sold in packs, and I once got Jim Lee to sign my Proteus.

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