Ellen Page Is Still A Winner.


Our little Shadowcat really did deserve the big trophy tonight, and Juno was by far the Best Picture of 2008 for us.  Diablo Cody’s dialogue sounds like something directly out of our heads, and Ellen Page delivered the bitterly aware effervescence of our subcultural quirks with dizzying precision.  It is as if someone finally turned over the cool smooth rock that us punks have been chilling under while the bright lights of ditzy divas and high-brow violence blind the sheep to the existence of a real human voice.

I really think Juno is the best movie of the 21st Century, it gives me hope for the future of the species.  The fact that it included a phaseshifting member of the X-Men adds a bit of extra juice for me.  Diablo Cody’s acceptance speech for Best Original Script was correct, this actress really is “the superhuman Ellen Page”.  Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this masterpiece.  We love you madly, with or without an Oscar.

(Screenshot thanks to 20th Century Fox, SAG Award photo courtesy USA Weekend.)



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4 responses to “Ellen Page Is Still A Winner.

  1. she was Shadowcat! wow, i didn’t realize this until i read it here, hehehe.

    no wonder i enjoyed Juno so much ^_^

  2. Nicely said. Juno was awesome—Ellen Page was great and the script was brilliant.

    I haven’t seen No Country for Old Men, but it won for a few things (including best film), so I want to see it and decide for myself which was better, but until then, I agree. Besides, Juno rocked.

    – Stephanie

  3. Erika

    The Tracy Fragments is another piece that Ellen Page has brilliantly helped come to life.
    This movie has expressed what many of the people that I know have been longing to do.
    I recommend it.

  4. yusho

    i love her so much

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