How Old Is Too Old? (A Mothership Contest.)

rally  old

Here we go.  The new column is scheduled to debut on the mothership on March 12th.  It will be called “Rallying Cry!”  The grassroots DIY revolution is on, and one of the rides will be a random contest with a sweet little prize: A handmade Vs. System tee-shirt.  I will make it killer cool, I promise.

Here is the inaugural challenge.

Who are the Top Ten Oldest Characters with cards in the game?  And who are the Top Ten Youngest?  We are talking about the age of the character, not the card, and exact ages would be an interesting addition to your entry.  Have a Blast!



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3 responses to “How Old Is Too Old? (A Mothership Contest.)

  1. Dang. This turned into QUITE the party over on the message boards. Here is the full discussion.

    Check out this post, in response to the question of whether we could count age using “soul in body”.

    Written by Access:

    Well that’s hard to pin down since “soul” is a mystical/magical/spiritual-identity-concept rather than an actual, scientifically-observable thing. If you want a scientific look at conscious identity, as a complex emergent phenomenon, then the best real-world parallel distinguisher we can draw of complexity is sentience.

    Now, granted, it’s not the same thing, but the point is that it’s the closest actual distinguisher to the mystical-distinguisher of “soul”, imo.

    (However, different religious idealogies may have different drawn boundries between “soul” and “no-soul”, and these boundries may even change over-time, as again, it’s not a real-world but an idealogical concept – so please, don’t argue with me over where the ‘soul’ line goes, I’m just taking my cultural interpretation of what I interpret that line to be – I think it should be clear that I’m not promoting that that line actually exists anywhere but in human world-view.)

    Attempting to take a real-world interpretation of it might not be the best idea, as in the comics it has been specifically outlined that the characters actually have “souls”, or, at the very least, that “souls” exist in their world. They also have angels, demons, etc. etc. … essentially, they live in an inherently magical world. Attempting to apply actual science and logic to mystical thought-processes often results in unsolvable conundrums (I.E. “Angels on the Head of a Pin”, or “Could God Make a Boulder so Big”?), since the concepts themselves aren’t based on real-world logic, but a mystical/theological logic that does not conform to the same inherent rules.

    Point-being, that since the ‘reality’ in which they dwell is inherently magical, you can’t really presume to ferret out whether or not Neron and such have “souls” unless the comics give you direct referrence – and given the fact that, to the best of my knowledge, the concept is referrenced infrequently enough to give question to whether or not a given character is in possession of a soul at any given time, I don’t think it’s a good qualifier for the “age game”.

    “When Captain America was frozen in ice, did his soul age?”

    “If Blackheart posses multiple souls, does he count as being as old as the sum?”

    These questions don’t have real answers – all they have is an opening for mystical interpretation.

    I say we just go by personal-timeline length of sentience.

  2. Neat idea for a contest, Stuby…. it’s inspiring me to run a contest or two over at the Lost Hemisphere…

  3. … indeed. Your March Madness contest is the most insanely cool thing I have seen. Good show!

    For everyone tuning in to this contest for the first time, you can take a crack at the Top Ten Oldest and Youngest Characters on Vs. System cardboard here on the blog. Or click over to that link in the first comment and see the previous entries on Realms. Either way, you MUST enjoy yourself. Thanks.

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