Thursday Thirteen: A Revolution in Yin Yang Alliteration.


The social club of Vs. System is shifting gears.  We are undergoing a paradigm update.  Today I am going to describe the revolution with words that tend to clump closely according to opening consonants. 

1. Instead of an authoritative central location, we now have a Humanizing Hub

2. Rather than a completely subjective evaluation of the global output, there is now a Verifying Vote.  (A click for me is a click for thee.  If anyone ever wanted to vote for this site, now is your chance.)

3. Elitism Erodes Exponentially, as we slide into a sort of people’s revolution.

4. Instead of Conquest, Cracked Characters Create Consensus.

5. Dicks Dissolve, and we start to act like human beings again.

6. It feels like there is some kind of dissipation of electricity, as the Power Pours Personally throughout the system.

7. The whole “king of the hill” chest-thumping mentality fades, And An Elegant Equality Gains Glorious luminosity.

8. The truly passionate remain, forming the Core Civiliation that will thrive into the future.

9. We mirror the comic books that our game is based on, struggling with forces beyond our control, forming a Banded Brotherhood of hope for the coming years.

10.  The DIY Ethos Emerges.

11. Personal Pleasure Reigns Rowdy, and things are going to get sloppy good.

12. Our Own hands will build it.

13. There are no more excuses.  We can’t hide behind our computer screens and whine about The Things “They” are doing wrong.  We must do this ourselves.  We Will Win.  Watch us.

I have no clue whether that worked or not, and I guess I never did fit the Yin Yang thing in there.  The original idea was to highlight the fact that we are transitioning from Competitive to Casual, from Conquest to Community, from Elitism to Empowerment, and from Dickery to Delight.  Of course, both sides are neccesary for the dynamic beauty that makes life worth living.  Our little card game community is shifting toward the Yin, but we will always love us some Yang.  Peace out.


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21 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: A Revolution in Yin Yang Alliteration.

  1. #5 holds true no matter what facet of life, wouldn’t you say? lol
    happy t13!

  2. It’s a fun and exciting time to be a VS player, I think. Some things seem nebulous and portentious, but we’re riding the wave, hanging ten, and poking our tongues out all the way.

  3. marnini

    So interesting. I love learning about all of these cool little facts about comics and games.
    thanks for stopping by,


  4. rorschachinkblog

    Dickery Delight … that’s all I want to say.

  5. It’s great to be a part of this particular persuasion of people. 😀

  6. I have no idea what Yin Yang is but it sounds very interesting! Happy TT

  7. maryt

    “The whole ‘king of the hill’ chest-thumping mentality fades, And An Elegant Equality Gains Glorious luminosity.”

    That’s the kind of world I want to live in! Great post! 😀

  8. Very clever, Rian!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT. BTW, I know you’re going kicking and screaming into “Lost,” but trust me, you will love it!

  9. I think the shift from competitive to casual is one everyone should take on regardless. There are a lot of things I don’t do simply because everyone has to be so agro-gressive about it. I just don’t care enough to spend my free time fighting rather than having fun. That’s why poker night must include booze dammit!

  10. Congrats on being in an environment that is moving from Dickery to Delight. So many more need to follow the example. 🙂

    Vive la revolution!

    Thanks for coming by and for all the wonderful things you said about getting my story to read.

    I must say “Delicious Tease” is the best compliment I’ve gotten all year. *Grin*


  11. I don’t follow much of this Vs business — even after your interview lol But I voted and (currently) you are second to a scantily clad babe… Maybe you need to make a banner with your shirt off 😉

  12. Good luck with the humanizing and dissolving dicks! Anonymity on the ‘net is such an obstacle to that. *sigh*

    Happy TT!

  13. Canadian Bacon

    5. Dicks Dissolve, and we start to act like human beings again

    But I don’t want my dick to dissolve… I imagine that would be pretty painful.

  14. Okay, for you I will make an exception.

  15. celticlibrarian

    I’m going to club together with some of the others and be amused by #5. (Yes, my sense of humour is stuck in 3rd grade.)

    I’m off to vote.

  16. soshikenpachi

    Dickery… was he the eighth Endless?

  17. Cool TT as always. May your humanizing hub remain harmonious.


  18. Who does the art work? My husband has done comic art and trading card artwork as well. Nice post and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  19. Holy alliteration, Batman!

    Nicely done!!!

  20. What do you have against folks named Richard?

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