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Home is where the Mulletman is.



Our hero was framed!  Longshot now rests comfortably on the same wall as the thermostat, a lithograph by Nina’s best friend from college, and the family heirloom I inherited from my beloved Grandma Briggs.  That priceless trophy fish is from the Indiana farmhouse where my mom grew up growing carrots for V8.  My grandmother caught the biggest Bluegill in the state of Minnesota for the year 1967.  Now it hangs alongside the luckiest alien in comic book history.  Our house will never be the same.

Need more info?  Your wish is my command.  Check the Mulletman’s stats, and be enlightened.



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Check ME out.


I am going back to bed, for a Presidents Day rest-o-thon.  Thanks Abe!  Thanks George!  You can click that orange box to see Pop Tart’s interview of me in the meantime, I will see you back here tommorrow.


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Namaste Yoga Saves!



The word “namaste” has always been my favorite greeting.  It is Sanskrit, and it basically means “I honor the God in you, from the God in me.”  Now this. 

On FitTV, Kate Potter has created the most heavenly exercise show on Earth.  It is working wonders on my neck pain, not coincidentally because it is working wonders on my soul at the same time.  The seamless fade-outs from forest to warehouse to beach are magnificent.  The routines are uplifting.  The spiritual centering and transcendant tune-up it provides is sorely needed in our modern world.  It almost seems to good to be coming out of my televison.  I joyously give Namaste Yoga my highest recommendation, try it as soon as you can.

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Rest, Recovery, and Rejoicing.


Things don’t slow down unless you tell them to.  I am starting to wonder if my neck problems are a sign from my body saying “Relax already.”  Thankfully, President’s Day weekend beckons just in time.  Therefore, I’ll flash you my Parallax card and wish you a restful three days.  Meet me back here on Tuesday, and in the meantime… Rejoice!

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Thursday Thirteen: Perfect For Each Other.


(Bottle of Love and Box of Heart, both created by my beautiful wife.)

Nina and I are perfect for each other. It has always been the main goal of our lives, and we have actually accomplished it. Let me count the ways.

1. We both believe that love is a spiritually supernovic ritual for absolute transformation and metaeuphoric magick.

2. We have a common purpose for our rituals: Local Epiphany and Global Bliss.

3. We are both really nice people who can’t stand being mean in any form.

4. We like the same foods and enjoy them deeply.

5. We talk about anything and everything and we keep talking until we have reached common ground, even if we eventually disagree.

6. We laugh with our entire beings together. We do it every single day.

7. We share creative projects, whether co-writing a novel, adding advice and direction to each other’s individual work, or building a custom canopy for our bed.

8. We sincerely appreciate each other, exactly as we are.

9. We never, ever, dwell on the negative.

10. We have the same taste in music and movies and we obsess over both.

11. We comfort each other, no matter what.

12. We reflect on our blessings constantly, taking the lovebird’s eye view to our life as often as we can.

13. We switch bodies.

Happy Valentine’s Thursday Thirteen, Earth Angels. May your life be filled with love.


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Winning Eases the Pain.


How to get my mind off my throbbing vertebrae?  Play Build a Legend at Hobby League, obv.  I will give a more thorough report on the mothership, but this was my basic therapy…

1. Break out the X-babies.

2. Win Round One against Jose and his Checkmate Aspiring Pawn legend.  Finish the match at zero endurance, with him at minus one.

3. Take Round Two against Dennison and Jean Grey Gone Mental.  If he would have hit X-Men Assemble! I would have been toast.

4. Finish the run for the red threads in Round Three by dumping Aldo’s Punisher with a flourish.

5. Try on my new Flash shirt, with the new Upper Deck logo on the sleeve, and give one Parallax to each of my vanquished opponents.

6. Feel all better!


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Time to Walk the Walk.


I have a degenerated vertebrae, and the muscle holding it apart from its neighbors blew out three days ago.  I have been blessed to be pain free for three years now, and I am handling it pretty well.  It’s a pain in the neck but it also gives me a chance to put my philosphies into practice.  I always say the bad times can be borne better by blissful reverie upon the bounty of life.  Now I get to walk the walk and remember all the good things I have going for me, in the midst of a bitter brain stew chock full of negative nerve endings.  I can do this.

If you are not feeling any pain today, take some time to appreciate it.  I will never take a pain free moment for granted again.

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Nutty Politics: Huckabee Eats Squirrel.


This has been the most intriguing and exhilirating election year of my life.  The electorate seems to be exceedlingly energized, and each candidate hums at a very entertaining frequency.  Now comes this.

On “Meet the Press”, Tim Russert grinned and grilled Mike Huckabee on the eating of the squirrel.  It seems Huckabee was in college, and that the dorm rules only allowed small appliances for cooking in the rooms.  He and his buddies had a popcorn popper that held a decent amount of oil.  One night, after a successful squirrel hunt, the boys enjoyed a delicious round of deep-fried tree rat.

“I know I am supposed to say it tastes like chicken, but it doesn’t”, the presidential candidate confessed.  Then he scrunched up his face and admitted “It tastes like… squirrel.”

I loved every minute of it.  Huckabee was warm, and real, and funny.  If you are what you eat, we may have a fluffy-tailed rodent in the White House someday.  Not very likely, but it would be a hoot.


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Weekend in Heaven: Squirrel Girl for the win.


I have no connection to the interwebs at home this weekend, which obviously means Nina and I will be swapping skin for two days straight.  While I am at a friend’s house with access, I wanted to post that insanely synchronistic high five from the Snark Master.  (Check my blogroll for further details.) 

See y’all on Monday, have a squirrelly weekend.


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Deeply Satisfying Employment.


It doesn’t happen very often these days, but I always focus on the pinnacles anyway so let me gush.  My student Young Foster just finished that poster for a scholarship contest at the Art Institutes.  He did the background drawing with charcoal, and then the magick of Photoshop kicked in.  I am old enough to know how much of a miracle this computer box is, and I am deeply satisfied to be a teacher this morning.  I am filled with physical bliss due to a non-physical piece of art.  I can hardly believe that I get to share it with so many people here on the interwebs.  I hope it tickles your eyes as deliciously as it does mine, and if you don’t quite dig your job as much I do…

Happy Friday!

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Thursday Thirteen: A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the 1-Cost Army Characters.

wild  starlings 

I need to inject this blog with a heavy dose of Vs. System today.  Clicking on the 13 card names will explain, if you are completely lost.  They will also provide hilarious historical entertainment if you are a member of our kitchen table cardflipping community.  I went into the Archives and started with my oldest articles, working my way forward.  I found some rather obscure little dudes, alongside a few very famous weenies.  I didn’t even get close to 2008, due to my excessive love for our darling mythological superhero squirrels.  Enjoy.

1. Wild Sentinel.  The shiny purple toy that started it all.

2. GCPD Officer.   The only cops I am glad to see in my rear view mirror.  They made Big Spooky’s dreams come true.  Check out the shirt he is wearing.  I painted that.

3. Gole.  Okay, so he is not really an army character.  I just love the memories.  Screaming “Gole!!!” like a soccer announcer?  Pricless.

4. Parademons.  No trip down memory lane would be complete without a re-calculation of the Anti-Life Equation.

5. Soldiers of New Genesis.  Micheal Jacob himself worked with me on the Blue Abuse deck, but I was too stubborn to actually run it.

6. Anti-Green Lantern.  Seeing my wonky way of using these guys, compared to the Tier One deck that they evolved into, is a true headscratcher.

7. Macrobots.  They do cost 2, but they still turn my brain blue.

8. Manhunter Protector.  Kamiza’ Kingdom deserves the same free pass.

9. Weenie.  Hot dog cheats for the win.

10. Creeping Doom.  It’s in there, I promise.

11. Illusionary Warriors.  Jank origins indeed.  I remember this Release Celebration like it was yesterday.

12. Starlings.  Yes.  Seriously.  I wrote an article, and started a playtesting team, all revolving around Starlings.  You must check this out.

13. Multiple Man <> Jamie Madrox.  I did jump ahead quite a few columns to showcase this one at the end.  Usually it is really difficult to pick my own Best of the Year articles for the holiday Greatest Hits week.  This was a no brainer.

That’s my Thirteen this week.  Thanks for bearing with me if you had no idea what I was talking about.  Now make a list of stuff you are obsessed with and link it to:  We will all be enriched.


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The Things That Make Life Worth Living.

bees  predator  bacon

You can click on those to make them bigger, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  They will blow your mind.  I am extremely honored and inspired this morning to share a space with them.  The front page of – perhaps the funkiest online gallery in the world – includes my weekend bunny hop alongside those modern masterpieces.  It is a great day to be alive.

Too many people seem to be addicted to negativity and constant whining.  It can crush the spirit.  Personally, I always turn toward creativity and constant bliss instead.  There is a certain undenable joy in living human tissue.  There is always an option to groove on some unique new thought.  And the haters can easily be ignored in favor of celebrating the exquisite artistic output of other like minded freaks, whether they be shaven bees, Lego Predators, or bacon scarves. 

Art Party on!

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