Jank is a Virus.


Do you know Jank?  I would hazard a guess that about 38% of our readers do not.  Let me ‘splain.

I once wrote an article that offered a rather academic explanation, including an eyewitness account of the origins of the word itself.  We have talked about the phenomenon on the message boards at length, but defintitions of the sticky immaterial sinews that connect freaks like us can never quite be pinned down completely.  Jank is an attitude, and such things simply cannot be grabbed tightly.

It is transferable, for sure.  You can bring jank into your life, no matter who you are or what you do.  If you do something that does not quite make sense in terms of practicality and normal behavior, you are taking the jank way.  If you set a challenge for yourself to do something that no “normal” person would try, you are exercising your right to jank.  The scenic route home, even though it takes an extra 20 minutes?  That is the essence of jank.

The three cards in that pic are a brilliant flowering of the principle, but you will need to wait until March 19th for more details from me.  Now you.  What forms does jank take in your neck of the woods?


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22 responses to “Jank is a Virus.

  1. I think we have it in abundance around here, but we just call it sassitude.

  2. BigSpooky

    Jank is truly infectious. Recently, we had an investigation where the client had some rather creative bookkeeping. I absent-mindedly referred to it as “jank accounting”. I then had to spend the next few days trying to explain what this meant to my colleagues.

    TCG lingo flows over to Big 4 Forensics. The next thing you know, Senator Kelly will be the head of the PCAOB.

    And, when he finds an exception, he’ll send out swarms of Wild Sentinels to audit. 😉

  3. Pfft. Longshot ALREADY does my taxes.

    No wonder I’m broke.

  4. soshikenpachi

    You’d think with all of that luck he’d be lucky enough to get you a good return.

    I hate jank. It’s the mark of a bad player, and a terrible deck builder. Nothing good has ever come from not doing what’s winning. [/sarcasm]

  5. Your sarcasm will no longer be needed soon. The cutthroat competitive attitude is fading away, and the freaky meek are inheriting the game!

  6. soshikenpachi

    Ok, fine. Let me rephrase:

    Jank isn’t a virus. It’s an evolution. As children we speak the words we’re taught, the phrases we know. As adults we seek our own ideas. We’re no longer taught by being told. We teach ourselves by seeking. Jank isn’t the mark of a deck building sickness. It’s the mark of a matured gamer who knows that what he’s taught in school is the basics, and what he learns outside the classroom is what he himself is capable of.

    Jank is the cure for the virus of dickery.

  7. soshikenpachi

    And sarcasm will always be needed. It’s just going to go to surgical sarcasm in lieu of mass effect sarcasm as of today.

  8. Well said, but I think you are taking the strictly negative view of the word “virus”. Maybe I should have called it a “meme” instead. That seems to be getting a postive spin lately.

  9. soshikenpachi

    After suffering through not only countless flus and colds, but also that horrendous movie, I cannot look upon the word ‘Virus’ with a warm heart.

  10. Strange. When I wrote it, I meant it in a sort of “We are taking over the world with our strangeness!” sort of way.

    After all, like Agent Smith said in The Matrix, I am a virus myself.

  11. If all three of those cards run smoothly in one deck, that is one deck I really want to play.

  12. There will actually be TWO decks running those three cards against each other, and we will get some sort of coverage of the match!

    It’s in The Ring Has Chosen thread on Realms, if you can’t wait for the official announcement on March 19th.

    Good times, to infinity and beyond! Infecting the whole universe! Jank on!

  13. soshikenpachi

    I kinda get that. Still, rhetoric is a powerful tool, and for every Rian seeing sunshine you have a Ray seeing skin cancer. The world needs cynics in a small amount.

    On The Topic of Jank: They need to preview the 50 States Initiative characters from MVU so I can combine them with Team Superman for my ‘Government Assistance’ deck.

  14. They sure do. It’s a good thing They don’t listen to me very often, or else I would spoil it for you here on the blog.

  15. soshikenpachi


    Your secret’s safe with me… >.>

  16. Don’t get your hopes up, They also KNOW better than to trust me with such things.

  17. soshikenpachi

    Yeah well, let a boy dream.

    Besides that, we have to wait until June 10th to get the cards. *rage*

  18. For me, Jank = an obsession with teams that no-one else cares a whit about. Crime Lords. Anti-Matter. Manhunters. I love these things, despite their having little to no hope of reaching Tier One status nowadays.

  19. The Bush-McCain League of Justiceology has more jank than local news has jenkem. Dig it: We get attacked by Saudis under the command of an Afghani, and Bush invades Iraq. 100% pure jank. 100% WTF. Is this guy a Chaos Mage from another dimension?

  20. rorschachinkblog

    Emperor Joker is my janktastic heart of gold. If I play Golden Age without any other strings attached … it’s probably to play him.

  21. Haha, Master Mold! Ah, great times … great, frustrating times … =D Damn Sentinels are so pesky.

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