Leonard Cohen Saved My Life.


If you did not witness the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards live tonight on VH1 Classic, I suggest you catch it on the repeats.  Leonard Cohen is God, and they allowed the truth to get out.  There are only a few humans that are allowed to live on that level.  For the rest of us on the next step down, it is like an extended hand offered to climb up.  Tonight on actual live television, I heard what I have always felt…

“We are so lucky to be alive at the same time that Leonard Cohen is.”

-Lou Reed, in the midst of a truly dangerous introduction speech.

Then, what next?  Hard to believe, pinching myself on live TV stuff, that’s what.  Madonna’s induction included a blistering tribute by Mike Watt, Iggy Pop, and the Stooges.  Doing “Burnin’ Up” and “Ray of Light”.  I am not kidding.  It actually happened, and it was more real than anything else on the air, ever. 

I know Watt.  We’ve had fellowship in the sand.  I know what he was feeling when he bowed to her in the kitchen after the set.  You MUST see this when they show it again.  Standing ovation.  For the rest of my life.


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4 responses to “Leonard Cohen Saved My Life.

  1. jetman07

    Man I can’t believe I missed this. For some reason I thought it was on Thursday.

  2. Should be YouTubed by now, it was a gnarly live feed that caught a whole lotta messy moments.

  3. Note to self, DVR this at some point. Just watched the Artists Den of “the Swell Season” the other day. Absolutely killer stuff, Glen Hansard never fails to totally amaze me.

  4. I saw a listing in the paper saying they will air a condensed version on VH1 March 22nd, but they will surely cut out the Lou Reed horror show. I thought for sure he was going to crack, taking our TV along with him. Really creepy, really cool.

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