Riddle Me This. You win!


So Rob is the City Champion of Miami, thanks to a nasty little one-drop that loves to beat up on X-babies.  He actually had three of them in play at the same time in the early rounds, but against me he had the skills to use his Straights to put some roadblocks in the visible area instead.  I was breezing, and I would have still got him if I hadn’t drawn all blue for the first three turns.  Although, to be fair, that tricky questioner is INSANE against my deck.  I only run one and three-cost cards, except for the two copies of Ego Gem.  Do you realize how horrifying that makes The Riddler?  The mind reels…



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7 responses to “Riddle Me This. You win!

  1. The Riddler is so my kind of card. Sorry to hear he abused you so well. Hehe.


  2. Against the SuperClones, he was dumping three cards per turn, nuking threes and fours and setting up some sick Secret Society shutdown action.

    Amazing ability, especially in multiples.

  3. I’m having a mind-fart – how did he get multiples in play? The new Poison Ivy?

  4. Yes sir. That sweet poisoned meat completes the feat.

  5. Mmm, Poison Ivy… One of those characters in this game that not only has insanely awesome cards, but is also one of my favorite characters. She and Dr. Doom I think are the best examples.


  6. That deck is superb, and a definite contendor for my BYOS deck of choice for the UK Nationals. Did his build hae Wonder Woman or Grodd? WW is amazing in any deck, but seems to love the SS.

  7. He was all about the Gorilla.

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