Thursday Thirteen: The Magick Returns.


You’ve heard me ramble quite often about the Chaos Magician trip.  One of the main ways it pops up in our life?  Random delayed exposure.  In this case, I finally picked up a copy of a comic book called “The Marvel Tarot”.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Deep, chewy arcane knowledge combined with superhero mythological pop goodness?  I doesn’t get any better than that.  Topaz as Temperance?  Yes please.  Does anybody know if Storm’s latent High Priestess powers have manifested yet?

The book has been in circulation since Summer Solstice 2007, a full nine months ago.  The time was finally right last night.  As always, it was perfect timing.  The great work is entering a new phase for us, and this was a sign.

I wrote a Thursday Thirteen explaining the basics of Tarot back in December.  Today I am going to put forth a set of magick goalposts for the next step in our ritualistic lifestyle.

1. Embrace the dazzling vigor of electrical existence, and cast off the gremlins of comfortable numbness.

2. Feel each cell in the current body, as it throbs and thrives.

3. Share the glow with everyone on Earth, directly through the sky.

4. Stop settling for less just because it is routine.

5. Focus on the HIGHEST common denominator.

6. Feel everything fully, instead of thinking about it possessively.

7. More punk rock.

8. Balance all four corners.

9. Unfocus the eyes, and see with the heart.

10. Follow the little tickle that is only found inside a living human brain.

11.  Realize that the tickle is available every moment between birth and death.

12.  Get it down, and display it for others.

13.  Don’t stop for anything.

There you go.   A new set of flexible rules in our house.  Make a list of yours, and link them to:  The magick is always ready to return, you only need to ask.


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32 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: The Magick Returns.

  1. #7 is my favorite on the list. Happy TT.

  2. I have never heard anything like that before… interesting.

  3. Loved the list – except for #7. I was a heavy rocker in my youth 🙂

  4. Oooh – throbs and thrives. How nice. Happy TT 🙂

  5. Oh, Rian, I’m so literal… I have no idea what you are saying. Did you do a Celtic cross here?? I love the guideposts – of course. And I think you’re brilliant – absolutely. I’m just a dolt.

  6. I love number 9. Happy T13!

  7. I predict some people will love this post!

    Happy TT-13!



  8. More punk rock!!!

    Rian, this was the sort of pep talk I needed tonight. Thank you.

  9. Mama Kelly

    Wonderful!! There are a few here I need to tape up at my cubby at work.

    Happy Th13

  10. 6 and 9 make beautiful music together. Great thoughts here.

  11. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Please help me to remember the author of a life changing book I read maybe 25 years ago – “Karma Mechanics”-
    Is Antero Alli the right name?
    I’m going to have to look that up…
    Thank you for the great reminder!

  12. Oh my. Grandmother Wren, you just made my whole year!

    The book is called Angel Tech, by Antero Alli.

    It is my favorite book of all time, and he actually wrote me an email when I spoke about him on the blog here:

    Thank you so much. I am incredibly honored that my words triggered that in you.

  13. New to me!

    The Pink Flamingo

  14. Great TT! I love to read things like this — they make you actually think about the meaning.
    Really enjoyed it!

  15. Things are never boring at your blog. This week it’s 13 Things to
    , My 71st Thursdat thirteen. Stop by if you get a chance.

  16. That’s a really cool TT!

  17. That’s a weird picture. Is that like…a bird with human eyes? Or the other way around…interesting…Happy TT!

  18. Best is #13–full steam ahead! 🙂

  19. Intriguing list — #4, 5, and 13 ‘resonate’ with me most this morning.
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. This is an alternate compliment to Claudia’s list today. I use Mother Peace.

  21. More punk rock! (You’ll appreciate #8 at KKC then lol)

    TT’s posted here and here.

    PS Thanks for mentioning hubby’s post last Friday (before the severs went to heck.)

  22. These are great thoughts. #8 and #9 are my faves.

  23. #4 and #9 are two that I need to do more of. Happy TT

  24. Very nice list, 2, 5, 8, 10-11, and 13 are worded a little different, but are already rules in my home. Glad to see them among others out there and spreading through the world.



  25. Ahh. Number 7. Too much is NEVER enough. Also, the Marvel magic characters never held a lot of appeal to me when I was younger, my focus is starting to shift and i’m reading more Vertigo stuff, like Hellblazer and Sandman, so maybe i’m ready to embrace the arcane in my favorite universe. Plus i’m loving Dr. Strange in the New Avengers.

  26. Interesting list, Rian. We tend to read more DC or independent comics in this house. There’s some great stuff out there if you know where to look.

    Happy TT!

  27. Chris

    Fun list. happy TT!

  28. Great list! I especially like #7 and 8! 😀

  29. I really like number one there. Maybe that’s why I’m going to try and do that “101 things in 1001 days thing.”

    Oh, and always more punk rock.

  30. Interesting list. I’m not sure I get it, but I agree with #4 wholeheartedly.

  31. OoooooOh, number 6 appeals to my inner-Yoda!

  32. In earlier days, tarot was also used to create poems and stories. In praise of courtiers these poems were called as Tarocchi Appropriati. At that time these cards became connected with divination.Hence tarot readings are a form of divination. They are supposed to give us a peek into the future. Tarot card symbols are interpreted in many ways – even the way that they are placed. If placed upwards the meaning is positive, if upside down it is negative.

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