Weekend in Heaven: Cutting Loose.


Is a human life just a long series of addictions?  Are we actually hooked on survival, and when that flow runs out, do we get an automatic fix?  Whatever those answers may be for you, I often give my daily grind a quick scan to see what I am stuck on at the moment.  If I find something that has an unhealthy hold, I turn the focus to something else.  After all, the only thing worse than a monkey on the back is one that has you by the throat. 

Slip the grip and fly.


(“Human Torch, Sparky” by Steve Rude.   “Coup d’ Etat” by Scabrouspencil.  Both from Upper Deck’s Vs. System.) 



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3 responses to “Weekend in Heaven: Cutting Loose.

  1. Excellent advice, I need to try to follow that, stress weighs me so far down and life is hell right now, but thanks for a good reminder!

  2. Glad to help. I hope you can let go of the stress. Worry is one of life’s worst addictions, for sure.

  3. Killer advice brother. I’ve adopted a similar philosophy, if it doesn’t make you either think, or laugh, you don’t need it. Good thing beer does both!

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