Speaking of History…

Jason Hager Again.

Jason Hager

Thanks to Jonboy Meyers and his awesome website, we have a Sneak Preview of the most killer art from an unseen card.  Jason Hager’s face.  Immortalized.

Standing ovation, to everyone involved.  I will place this in the history project with an extended explanation later tonight, right now we have a hockey game to attend.  Congratulations Jason, Congratulations Jonboy, Congratulations Vs. System.  This is one of the coolest things in comic book history.  A real man, one of our own, has become a myth.  Huzzah!



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5 responses to “Speaking of History…

  1. That is so sweet!! Thanks for the before and after, Stu.


    What could possibly be happening in this art? Are they having a shouting contest?

  3. It looks like a plot twist, for sure.

  4. blues686

    i swear this has to be one of the funniest pics of hulk ever lol

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