Holding Out Hope.


Could she possibly make an appearance in the upcoming Marvel Universe expansion set?  Could she bring her squirrels along as 1-cost army dudes?  We shall see…



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5 responses to “Holding Out Hope.

  1. Penance Freaking Rocks! I could not be happier with what Marvel has done to Speedball. Hey look, I CAN say something good about Civil War after all!

  2. soshikenpachi

    I haven’t read anything with Penance yet. He’s with the Thunderbolts, huh?

    Squirrel Girl, Queen of Tree Rats
    2 Cost
    If Squirrel Girl would be stunned, you may KO an army squirrel character. If you do, exhaust Squirrel Girl and move her to your back row.

    Squirrel, Army
    1 Cost
    Exhaust a Squirrel Girl you control>Put Squirrel into play in your front row. Use this power only during the build phase.

    Stash of Acorns
    3 Threshold
    Discard X Nextwave character cards>Search your deck X cards with the name Squirrel or Squirrel Girl.

  3. I could only WISH she gets that much support.

    Fabulous stuff, thanks.

  4. foilball08

    ahaha, awesome that you’ve read this.

    MUN has a LOT of interesting shit in it… we had so much room… so, cross your fingers!

  5. OMG, no freaking way. I may not sleep until June!

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