Wolverine Loves Sushi.


Not much time for a report, but I will do my best.  First round my Sea Creatures got loose, swinging one horsey for 8/5, two for 7/4, and three at 6/3.  Follow that up with a 19 ATK/ 8 ATK Aquaman?  It’s the reason I play the game.  Then Deadshot got in my way.  I still landed in the 3rd place match.  (We had twelve players again!)

Then, even though Brian missed his 4-drop, Wolverine ripped through my little ponies like an all-you-can eat seafood buffet.  Yikes.

I gotta run, there is a big bold bodacious project in the works.  I am trying to get it ready to unveil for Thursday Thirteen…



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2 responses to “Wolverine Loves Sushi.

  1. Ohhh … I love Wolverine. Cool cards!

  2. Savage Tofu

    I wanna see that horsey list Stu.

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