Of Every Shape and Size.


It takes all kinds to build a community.  Diversity expands the potential for creativity and enriches the human experience.  When it comes to superhuman mythology, the variety factor is off the charts.  Those cards are original sketches that were randomly inserted in lucky packs of the new Marvel Masterpieces trading cards.  Thanks to Jonboy Meyers for the drawings.  Intense assortment of eye candy for the win.

Can you name them all?



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7 responses to “Of Every Shape and Size.

  1. No, I can’t,. but I think I can get most of them:
    1. Wolverine, 2. Hulk, 3. Venom, 4. Thing, 5. Vulture, 6. Juggernaut, 7. Black Panther, 8. Onslaught, 9. Iceman, 10. Zombie Spider-Man, 11. Sentinel, 12. Captain America, 13. Daredevil, 14. Ghost Rider, 15. Carnage??, 16. No idea…
    Should it bother me that I don’t know who 2 of them are? Cause it does.

  2. I don’t think it should bother you, but if you are enjoying it… be my guest!

  3. 15’s Toxin, 16’s another Sentinel.
    DeviantArt’s a cornucopia of these things right now – I found some of Pat Carlucci’s this morning, very cool stuff.

  4. The easy way to tell who 15 is to read what is coming out of his mouth, just like 8.

  5. I thought 16 looked Sentinel-y. And I don’t know Toxin, which may be why I didn’t get it even if I could have read the word coming out of his mouth. Any clue as to where I can learn more about Toxin?

  6. I usually start with wikipedia:


    But there is also a cool dude who riffs on his sister here:



  7. Wolverine, Hulk, Venom, Thing,
    Vulture, Juggernaut, Black Panther, Onslaught,
    IceMan, Zombie Spiderman, factory Sentinel, Captain America,
    Daredevil, Ghost-rider, Toxin, Reprogrammed Sentinel (from the series “Sentinel”)

    that should do it.

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