Happy New Year, Baseball Fans.


Sports and Superheroes.  Two great tastes that taste great together.  Clicking that link will time travel you back one year, and Nina will be wishing luck to Dontrelle Willis in person, as he rubs my belly. 

Then you will fast forward to the present moment, just in time to see the first pitching change of 2008.  That would be the yanking of Dice-K after five innings, resulting in a two-run round-tripper by the A’s.  Followed by Brandon Moss, getting a shocking start in right for the World Champions, and smacking a ninth-inning game-tying solo shot for his first major league home run.  Extra innings in the opener in Japan?  What a sweet way to kick things off. 

The first game of the year ended with Manny showing why it is sometimes good not to wash your hair, giving the Bosox a two-run lead going into the bottom of the tenth.  Papelbon time.  The currently crowned king of closers comes out very wobbly.  A walk, a strike-out, a double.  He would have been in BIG trouble, but Moss comes up bigger, gunning down a greedy Emil Brown at third for the win.  Scintillating start to a season.  Bravo.

Maybe it’s the lingo that gets me juiced.  Maybe it’s the mythological nature of highly skilled humans playing games on a world stage while the rest of us keep track.  Maybe it’s the cards.

Whatever it is, I love baseball.  Almost as much as I love superheroes.  Both of them are alive and kicking today.  Happy New Year!


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3 responses to “Happy New Year, Baseball Fans.

  1. Wait just a gall durn minute. If Superman is pitching, Batman is going to have a basball size hole in his torso. But I suppose no one will be able to get a hit off of him… Especially not the Joker. The whole thing is just crazy.

    As for baseball, Go Manny, I have him on my fantasy roster and I need him to be worth it!

  2. Dude, we just simultaneously posted on each other’s blogs.

    Grand Slam!

  3. I agree with Michael (hola!). And are those little lines shooting out around Supe’s face supposed to be a sign of exertion? “Superman” and “strain” aren’t two words (despite the alliteration—nerd, nerd) that go together very often, unless accompanied by the word “kryptonite.”

    Superhero sports is just tricky and unfair …

    Lol, but that’s still really cool.

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