Thursday Thirteen: The Music.


(fIREHOSE, carrying on.)

Today has been busy, cooking up the shirt orders and such.  So I would like to quickly take this opportunity to turn you on to the punk rock that changed my life.  For your listening pleasure.

1. Minutemen. There is a video history now, and there will never be another creative combination of pure talent like this, ever again.

2. R.E.M. I know, I know.  They turned into a pack of poofters as soon as the media crowned them magnificent “Songwriters”.  (Don’t listen after 1992.) Get the early albums, before they published lyrics.  As inspirational as anything you can put in your ears.  DIY incarnate.

3. Meat Puppets. High Priests of Wierd, but strangely it works just right.  The sound of human frailty swinging a pair of solid brass balls floating in cactus juice forming snow angels in the bonfire.

4. Husker Du. When you need the sludge of commercial culture scraped from your brain, dial up Zen Arcade and blow the doors off your skull.  You can thank me later.

5. fIREHOSE. Born from the ashes of D. Boon’s untimely death, the post-Minutmen Wattage still burns brightly in my heart.  Ragin’, Full On.

6. The Replacements. Paul Westerberg’s voice.  That is all.

7. Butthole Surfers. If you do not value your sanity, and you realize how much it is worth to let go of it, dive in up to your ankles.  Do it today.

8. Sonic Youth. They jammed a screwdriver through the strings to get just the right sound.  I saw them do it.

9. The Jesus and Mary Chain. Enough electric fuzz to put hair on your tongue.  Bzzz…

10. Daniel Johnston. Banging on pots and pans, sounding like Mozart?  Yes please.

11. Geraldine Fibbers.  Violin for the win, Carla just played a gig with Watt this weekend.  Straight to the heart, every time.

12. Nirvana. He may have been the beginning of the end, but what a beautiful end it was.  Magnificent madness and magick, sir.  Thank you.

13. Sublime. Ditto.  Times twelve.

That’s my list y’all.  Rock your own and link it here: 

… punk.


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22 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: The Music.

  1. Dude. so there it is! This is why we have so much in common. Darby Crash (Germs) was a friend of mine. I grew up in LA with X, Black Flag, Circle Jerks. Shit I even went to the deaf club!

    High Five!

    Happy TT!

  2. I never knew that about Sonic Youth. No kidding?

  3. Fame is no help to good music. REM was the bomb pre-92. You’re right. I like the variety of your list.

  4. You need more Australian bands on that list 😉

    Lost Hemisphere’s Thursday Thirteen #8:
    Shattered Reflections of CCG’s Contest!

  5. Dude. I knew I liked you.

    Me, I’m a Half Life kinda girl. They’re local, but I found a copy of their album in a record store on Haight-Ashbury.

    Gabba gabba hey.

  6. Nirvana and Sublime…they are the only once I am familiar with. Great list. Happy TT.

  7. I am a fan of R.E.M. too… both their pre and post-1992 work. One of my favorite concerts was when they toured in support of “Monster”. I also saw The Jesus and Mary Chain at Lollapalooza ’92.

  8. Nirvana and REM are the groups I know the best — I recognize many of the others from my 17 year old’s collection. We listen to absolutely everything here — from punk to classical to Frank Sinatra to hip hop to heavy metal to Barry Manilow. Variety is the spice of life, no???!
    Great list! happy TT!

  9. Are you my long lost fraternal twin? Love your list! Happy TT.

  10. OMG. I didn’t know that anyone remembered who the Jesus and Mary Chain were! One of the things I remember best about the early 80’s was going to underground punk clubs with no names in San Francisco wearing chains made of safety pins through my ears. Of course now, I have an ear full of gauged piercings. LOL Great TT!

  11. Thanks for helping to make me feel old and completely out of touch!


    The Pink Flamingo

  12. Cool list, Rian. I wondered at a couple of them being “punk” but I guess I can see your reasoning if you take it as an attitude rather than a “sound” per se.

    Happy TT!

  13. *sigh* I only recognize Nirvana and REM, and only because my daughter listened to them.

  14. Can we say ‘butthole’ here? lol

    I was a huge REM fan. Now it’s more the REM sleep I’m after…

  15. marnini

    Oh my gosh, I had a friend who loved the butthole surfers. He would always play this one song, I think it was something with the sun, anyway I would love to hear it now for old time sake. I just don’t remember the title.
    Thanks, Maribeth

  16. I miss REM. Still dance to “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” a couple of times a week!

  17. Ballad of Naked Man was on my iPod months ago. I however don’t know if it still is, I loaned it out.

    Also, the Butthole Surfers had a song in a Game Boy commercial back in the early 90’s. I probably just hit the double digits (could have been much older or younger), but I thought it was very kewl. (I have always listened to lots of different music)

  18. At seven, I know just over half of the bands on your list, but Nirvana and REM are the only ones I own anything by. Not bad considering how I often get stuck in certain genres or on certain albums/bands for ages before stumbling across new ones. 🙂


  19. I still listen to Fables of the Reconstruction. Now I wish Mike and company would get over themselves.
    My Thursday Thirteen #73 is up! 13 What I Should Have Said and What I Said Stop by if you get a chance.

  20. vixensden

    REM made music after 1992? See what happens when you have kids and drop out of normal society?

  21. celticlibrarian

    *sniffle* Nirvana. Sigh.

    And REM was one of my fave bands back in High School.

  22. YES!

    Awesome list…& I’m taking this word “poofters” & running with it.

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