An Art Request.



Yesterday, a brave blogger asked to see more of my stuff.  Those are my lizards.  Linoleum reduction print.

Somewhere in the swirl of time, I previously posted my primary motivation.  My first love. 




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6 responses to “An Art Request.

  1. Thanks. Those are actually very old. I remember fondly cutting the plates and pulling the prints with my kids when they were little. Like, 18 years ago.

    Good times.

  2. Excellent stuff. I hope to see more of your artwork soon!

  3. This is going to come out completely wrong and back-handed, but I’ll say it anyway: that’s the first of your art I’ve ever seen that I liked. And I *love* it. 🙂

    <– doesn’t get abstract art

    Wanna do some card art for me one week? 😉

  4. Geico went to the wrong people. 🙂

  5. Very nice! I have this ‘thing’ for threes… esp framed. Seems like movement or a natural grouping or something… I should sleep and then I’d sound a bit more, ah, er, educated. But I *do* know what I like 😉

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