X-Babies Gone Punk.


(Wolverine, in your face, by Cully Hamner)

UPDATE: Upper Deck actually graced my nine-month old creation with a card all its own. Click this link for mucho X-Babies Love.

Or, just check out the card they made for me:


If you are not familiar with the game of Vs. System, this will seem like a different language.  Here goes anyway.

Clash of Worlds will be one of the prizes in May, and the format is Silver Random Punks.  Clash of Worlds is one of the coolest cards ever printed.  Even our friends who don’t play the game can understand: this is a card that will allow you to have two different versions of the same comic book character in play simultaneously.  Very exciting times.

What will I run?  This, of course.  And then, if I win the Clash of Worlds, it will fit quite tight in the deck that won it.  Mad cool.

Tell me how I will get beat, if you please, with my X-Babies Gone Punk.


12 Multiple Man

3 Jubilee, Mallrat

2 Jean Grey, Teen Telepath

2 Forge, Inventor Extraordinarre

3 Nightcrawler, Man of the Cloth

4 Cable, Nathan Summers

4 Wolverine, Logan

2 Bishop, Time Cop

Plot Twists

4 Fastball Special

4 Turnabout

4 Flying Kick

4 Nasty Surprise

4 Battle Tactics

4 Overwhelming Force

2 Crackshot


2 Birthing Chamber

Pretty, simple, off-curve beats.  Not too much thinking.  The Man of the Cloth/Overwhelming Force trick is kinky.  What say you?



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6 responses to “X-Babies Gone Punk.

  1. Jubilee Mallrat… that was my nickname in high school. I swear.

    Or is it my stripper name 😉

  2. No room for X-Treme Maneuver?

  3. I will add it now, the X-Men Assemble doesn’t really belong in the deck. Thanks!

  4. No Dazzler?! Nobody is more punk than the disco queen!

  5. Shiny idea. To tell you the truth, this was just a quick punking of my X-babies deck, to make it legal for both Random Punks and Modern.

    I’ll check her out.

  6. Wolverine rocks! Although I’m not familiar with the VS system, I like the artwork. 😀

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