Weekend in Heaven: We still got it.


(Viva la Revolucion! by John Van Fleet, from Upper Deck’s Vs. System.)

Not much time to talk, just enough time to quote from an amazing article:

“We still got it. The collective unconscious, the deep sense of inner wisdom, that intuitive knowing that borders on a kind of mystical proficiency, where millions of people can actually look beyond rhetoric and media spin and merely feel the presence of something great in the room? Yep, still there. Who knew?

For the moment, I trust the collective intuition. I trust the shockingly widespread sense, not merely of hope and change, but of collective wisdom swimming though the air like an electrical surge between every smart, creative person on the planet right now, a bolt of energy that says: Hey, we’re still together. We still got it. Smart, intuitive people are still a force. There is life in the revolution yet.”

– Mark Morford 


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One response to “Weekend in Heaven: We still got it.

  1. I like this piece a lot. I don’t usually like the more comic book-esque stuff but I’d hang this up in my house.

    Thanks for posting.

    Rich Harris

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