Mothership Contest: A Trip to Earth 3.

This time you get to have all the fun.  As I am composing the new Rallying Cry article, I am realizing that there is a powerful menace hiding in the shadows.  The concealed evil of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika nearly took over the entire city of Chicago this weekend, and they whetted my mythological appetite for more.  So, I am going to set you loose on the scent of the Injustice Gang on Earth 3.  In the comment section of this post, tell me all about these characters.  Where did they come from?  What is the coolest thing they did in the books?  How do they tickle your fancy?  Use your own words, with corresponding trading card game abilities and themes if you please.  The most creative and enjoyable entry will receive a custom tee-shirt with the Vs. System logo, which will be available for viewing here on the blog on Friday.  How bad are these bad guys, and what’s the good word on their comic book backstory?



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5 responses to “Mothership Contest: A Trip to Earth 3.

  1. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika originally started out Pre-Crisis, and were on the Earth known as Earth-3. Basically, things were reversed and the heroes were the villains and Lex Luthor was the sole hero of this planet. The Crime Syndicate consisted of evil versions of certain members of the Justice League: Ultraman was the evil Superman, Owlman was the evil Batman, Superwoman was the evil Wonder Woman, Johnny Quick was the evil Flash, and Power Ring was the evil Green Lantern.

    Now, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Anti-Monitor destroyed their Earth as well as almost all the others, and they actually were heroic and fought against Anti-Monitor, still losing, but being brave. In fact, the only survivor of this world was Alexander Luthor, Jr., as the good Lex sent his child off to another parallel Earth before his was destroyed. Alex went on to be one of the main heroes of Crisis, with his ability to manipulate matter and anti-matter.

    Anyway, they were brought back in the JLA: Earth 2, where they were basically the same group as before, just more ruthless and awesome. In this, they were the Crime Syndicate of Amerika and ruled over their world with an iron fist. Everything was reversed (to an extent) there, with people having hearts on the right side of their bodies and President John Wilkes Booth being shot by Abraham Lincoln. An awesome story, it gave new life to the Crime Syndicate for a single storyline.

    Eventually, after Infinite Crisis, there were 51 new Earths (for a total of 52) and the Earth that was Earth 3 had the Crime Society of America, where along with the classic Crime Syndicate people, they had analogs of JSA people, such as Wildcat, Dr. Fate and Stargirl.

    Their cardboard counterparts in VS are confusing as they are based off of the JLA: Earth 2 storyline more than anything (given their outfits and that it is in fact the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, as opposed to the Crime Society or Crime Syndicate of America), although they have the Earth 3 version, when the characters are from an Earth 2. Then again, there have been two groups from Earth 3 that have been evil counterparts, with Earth 2 usually being reserved for the Golden Age JSA, although that was somewhat erased during Crisis. Confusing, ain’t it?

    Probably the best story with the Crime Syndicate, at least in my opinion, is in the Superman/Batman annual, which is probably not even canonical. In this story, which takes place before Batman and Superman know each other’s identities, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet each other on a cruise and are forced to share a single room, due to a computer error. They obviously hate each other, due to Kent being way too polite and a “hayseed” and Wayne just being a playboy billionaire. Deathstroke had been hired to killed Bruce, and after one failed attempt at poisoning (due to Superman being pissed at Bruce and breaking the glass with the poison on accident), he gets in costume, just as a dimensional rift opens and Owlman and Ultraman attack the cruise ship. Ultraman grabs Lois and is talking to her as if she were Superwoman, his wife (which in the Crime Syndicate universe, Lois is Superwoman), when Superman shows up, making everybody confused. Meanwhile, Superwoman was also hired to kill Wayne, and is also rejected, like Deathstroke, mostly due to the anti-matter counterpart of Deathstroke, who, aside from only having one good eye and a different color scheme, looks a whole lot like Deadpool. He also tries to introduce himself multiple times, failing each time, although the closest he got was “Dea…” After Ultraman and Superman battle and Owlman and Batman battle, eventually Supes and Bats are able to save the day and everybody returns to their own universe, and everything goes back to normal.

  2. Errr… Is this contest still ongoing?


  3. Yes, this contest is still alive.

    Go for it!

  4. I’ll just add a few things from Pi’s very concise description, then add my own CSA moment. Crisis of Infinite Earths pretty much wiped out the original Crime Syndicate of America, in that world, Owlman actually had a cowl in the form of an owl, his face was seen in that version. As their planet was slowly being consumed by the Anti-matter wave, Power Ring commented “What’s the use of conquering the world, if we can’t save it?” So Anti-matter wave wipes out Earth-3.

    Flash forward to pre-Infinite Crisis, Anti-matter universe was defined to be an exact mirror image of the Matter Universe having an Earth, which they conviniently called Earth-2, explaining the reversed anatomy, plus, according to Brainiac of that universe, certain universal truths were to believed as true. 1st, in the Matter Universe, Good always wins, however, in the Anti-matter Universe, Evil always wins, which was why, when the JLA gave them a visit after the urging of Alexander Luthor, everything they did was seen as an abomination to the natives. Except in Gotham City, where Good tries to keep reign.

    At this point, the CSA (Crime Syndicate of Amerika) was Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick. Even their origins were changed slightly compared to the original CSA of Earth-3. Ultraman, having the powers of Superman was never a kryptonian, he received his powers from Anti-Kryptonite radiation. Superwoman was believed to be an Amazon from Themescryia, Owlman was Thomas Wayne Jr., son of the Gotham City PD comissioner Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne died in their world. Johnny Quick was a junkie addicted to Velocity, a drug which gives superspeed, and Power Ring’s ring was an alien entity named Volthoon. During the JLA: Earth-2 run, Power Ring was a caucasian.

    After the JLA/Avengers run by Busiek and Perez, John Stewart replaced Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern, and therefore, the anti-matter universe had to reflect that change, Power Ring became the current one in DCL. From that event, they realized that the Matter universe was the source of the change and decided to pay the JLA a visit. Upon arriving on Earth-1, still believing that the universal rule of Good wins over Evil, they decided to cheat. They dressed up as their JLA counterparts. Then they launched a surprise attack on the JLA, taking them down hard. Their Concealed trait was them, hiding in the shadows, avoiding direct scrutiny, plus the fact that they were from the Anti-matter universe. As for their off-initiative power, it shows their inherent brutality and sneaky nature, taking out people/heroes when they least expect it, and the finality of how they dealt their version of Justice. The location Earth-3 is actually the toy their version of Brainiac built that allowed the CSA to jump between Anti-matter and Matter universe called the Cosmic Balancer.

    What got me interested with the CSA, their world and their culture was this. Favor Bank. Because the people were inherently evil, money was pretty much useless, you don’t have money? Mug someone. You can’t get that thing? Shoplift it, Steal it, etc. The CSA in their own way to keep order in a world of evil and anarchy instituted the Favor Bank. You want something? You owe someone a favor for that. And if you broke the Favor Bank, the CSA comes down hard on you.

    If you think about it, despite being evil, they still need to keep rules around them, to prevent everything from crashing down around their ears. They even had to abide by the Favor Bank to prevent everything they built to fall, even if it meant they needed to owe the JLA a Favor. Oh yeah, in the throwdown between the JLA and the CSA? They sent it over to Earth-3 via pay-per-view and at the same time, their own people were rooting for the CSA, despite being under the CSA’s heel.

    As an aside, Barracuda is the Earth-3 version of Aquaman, who never joined the CSA and is the ruler of the kingdom of Atlantis, and attacks the Surface world from time to time with his Atlantean Army.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths #1
    JLA: Earth-2
    JLA # 107-114

  5. Wow, that was amazing. Thanks. The Favor Bank rocks!

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