Thursday Thirteen: Stanley Cup Playoff Edition.

That card made so many dreams come true for me.  My two all time favorite players, together, with a piece of their game used jerseys, with a repair stitch on the Hasek?  Beyond perfect.

And now it begins.  The 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The best two months in sports, with the greatest trophy on Earth at the end.  These would be my druthers, in order, which means they probably won’t happen.

1. Stu finally gets his name etched on the Cup.  Dallas is good enough, but they will need a whole lotta luck.  Especially starting off against the Ducks.  Ouch.

2. The Dominator comes big, for his second ring.  Red Wings fly back to the top of the heap.  Hasek cements his legend.

3. The Big O in Washington lights the hockey world on fire, and makes a miracle run with a team that hasn’t seen the postseason in years.  The Crystal Wall has the Habs looking silly for trading him.

4.  Those Habs bring the Cup back home with a vengeance.  Montreal is one of the funkiest cities on the planet, and when it comes to this sport… no one does the voo doo like they do.

5. A Wild party breaks out.  Minnesota has a champion.  With bright red and green jerseys.  Yikes.

6. Teal glory, Sharks eat all.

7. Calgary makes it a Canadian Cup after all these years.  Three chances for the land that invented the game, it’s about time.

8.  Ottawa finally grows a pair for the win.   Not gonna happen, but I do love me some Spezza.

9. Tennessee proves that country music and good hockey belong in the same city.

10.  The Yankees lose!

11.  The Yankees lose!

12.  The Yankees lose!

13.  I come to my senses and explain why we switched sports for a second.  I won’t be rooting for any of the seven teams that I did not mention.  Which means one of them will surely win it all.   Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone, see you at the rink!


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15 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Stanley Cup Playoff Edition.

  1. I don’t watch Sports (unless Dancing With the Stars counts…)

    I did watch hockey back in the Bruins era that had Bobby Orr though…



  2. But of course the Avalanche win the cup again! 🙂

  3. Nos. 10-12 hurt, hurt, hurt! Yikes. I need an aspirin. This was a great list and lots of fun. God bless.

  4. Sue

    Go Leafs Go!!!! Ohhhhhh …. I forgot 😦

    Great list idea, and happy TT 🙂

  5. What?? No Pens in your list? They’re up 2-o at the end of the second. No babysitter tonight; I’m watching from home. Yes, I’m bummed about that!

  6. I going to go to a live Hockey Game some day. That would be so cool:) Happy TT.

  7. Best thing about the end of hockey season – the beginning of MLB!

    The Pink Flamingo

  8. I don’t watch hockey so your TT is over my head. Happy TT.

  9. I was a huge hockey fan when I was in high school… Now, I barely remember the rules — and now I’m living in Fargo North Dakota! Ah, what happens as the years pass and you no longer are shopping for boys… Not that so many years have passed! :p

  10. We lost our second rate little hockey team. The kids enjoyed the couple games we did go to. Enjoy the big game!

  11. I don’t watch hockey and I don’t live in NY anymore but I’m going for the underdogs! Go Yankees! 🙂

  12. celticlibrarian

    I’m going with #6. But then, I live in the SF Bay Area and I’ve actually been to a couple of their games. (Years ago, but still.)

    Hockey. Purrr.

  13. “5. A Wild party breaks out. Minnesota has a champion. With bright red and green jerseys. Yikes.”

    Heck yeah! Go Sota!

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