Prize Shirt Preview.

There you go.  The first hand-stenciled prototype Full Body Transplant prize shirt, in living color.  If anyone knows jedimario on Realms, tell him to send me his size and snail mail.  He is the winner of the Cards through the Ages contest.   Mad grats.

The Earth 3 contest is currently being controlled by Pi.  Don’t be intimidated by his comprehensive entry, click the link and post a creative comment of your own about the Crime Syndicate – and jump into the race for the shirts.  It’s Friday, and it’s party time.



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7 responses to “Prize Shirt Preview.

  1. It’s a nice shirt, but are they ALL going to be handled by hobos like that?

  2. We only use the finest models for our fashion accessories!

  3. Damn, I won stu-vivor too early 😉

  4. rorschachinkblog

    Hey Stu … I was looking around and I found this:

    Thought it was interesting, and I wondered if you already knew about this gathering of teachers that have, like you, tried to use some of their favorite games as a teaching tool.

  5. Thanks Walter, I have been checking that out. Keen idea.

    Gday and Orange Soda Man both get shirts, by the way.

  6. sigh… wish I knew how to make shirts!

  7. OSM

    @ stu:
    The shirt looks great!

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