Thursday Thirteen: The Meaning of Life.

That is a photograph of me getting my draft on, at the first Pro Circuit, choosing my Inmates.  Someone’s life was about to change.  Life?  What is life?


(I love the smell of metaphor in the morning.) 


1. Life is a fabulous art exhibition, and each of us creates a masterpiece for the big gallery in the sky.


2. Life is a dog show, and every human is a mutt.


3. Life is a question mark, with no correct answer.


4. Life is a never ending pouring, from one cup into another.


5. Life is an empty stomach, learning to stay hungry.


6. Life is a gaze into the mirror, and eventually we will see ourselves clearly.


7. Life is a hermit crab, looking for a new shell.


8. Life is one long sigh, knowing the void on the other side.


9. Life is an unexplainable sculpture method, crafting something from nothing.


10. Life is an opinion poll, with an infinite margin of error.


11.  Life is a game that you win by playing.


12.  Life is a huge string of adjectives, all describing this equation:


Infinity = 1 = 0


13.  Life is a list of metaphors, gone exponential.


Now you know the meaning of life, get out there and live it up!




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5 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: The Meaning of Life.

  1. she

    interesting tt rian!!!

  2. Great TT, though when I read the title all I came up with was “42”. Have a great week!

  3. I was hoping more for answers which would well, you know, give me answers! Like at least what to make for dinner tonight. I don’t suppose #7 would feed us all…

  4. Life is a terminal disease ultimately ending in death? No? Okay how about:

    “Life is like a flying trapese. Sometimes it’s up, then it’s down…but you only fly when you get off the ground.” (From a musical about P T Barnum.)

    Life is the road ahead of you. Look both ways before crossing the street. (me)

    Happy TT!

  5. Life is also a tasty cereal that I eat for breakfast. Nom nom nom. Happy TT.

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