Weekend in Heaven: World Championship Edition.

(Master Mold, chilling, by Cully Hamner. From Upper Deck’s Vs. System.)

Wondering about Worlds…

Should I play Sea Creatures, no matter what?

What if Marvel Universe brings some sort of tiny army goodness that tastes even better?

What do you think the Modern metagame will look like, knowing that we only have a very limited amount of MUN information?



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7 responses to “Weekend in Heaven: World Championship Edition.

  1. That reminds me, I have Sea Creatures here I need to mail to you… I need your addy though.

  2. Honestly, do not play Sea Creatures no matter what. If there are other things in MUN that make for a deck that you like more, then play those. If not, well, then Sea Creatures away!

  3. That picture of Master Mold has always deeply disturbed me… he’s got a stubby little conical boner going there.

  4. hehe… I have the giant poster-sized card, autographed by Cully, hanging in my bathroom.

    Jeff Donais gave it to me at the second Pro Circuit, and I asked him what that thing was.

  5. Joe Corbett

    Waiting for the party!

    I don’t think sea creatures will be seen with out Nick! ……..or at all.

    By the way that master mold crotch looks kinda like that place where Homer Simpson works.

  6. I know you saw this:

    I’m sure the sea creatures will get a boost in the set, but with a new army in town, there might be an even cooler surprise.

  7. Even cooler, check.

    32 minutes and counting…

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